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Motors TV to show iRacing races

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    Motors TV tweeted this morning that they will be showing iRacing races and related shows. I know several F1Fanatics are regular iRacers, and I think something like this is big news when it comes to the future of motorsport being boardcast on TV.

    I think this will be the first time any form of virtual motorsport will be shown on television and treated as a real race series, which, when it comes to iRacing, it is (they have officially sanctioned virtual versions of NASCAR, IndyCar, and V8 Supercars, as well as affiliations with many other organisers and promoters)

    If anything it gives us racing fans some new and exciting racing to watch during the winter months, but as a fan of (and partisipant in) virtual motor sport, I think this is pretty exciting news. It’s easily as impressive and as fun to watch as the real-life counterparts, you can watch entirely safe in the knowledge that even the biggest-looking crash will leave nothing more serious than a bruised ego, and once you’ve finished watching you can turn on your console and PC and have a go yourself, at a tiny tiny fraction of the price of doing it for real. You could even end up in a race shown on Motors TV!


    Still waiting for them to get back to me regarding a deal for live coverage of the Collantine Cup…



    Likewise with Really Rubbish Racing…

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