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Not finding any races on F1 2010 online (PS3)

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    G’day Guys

    I’ve recently connected my PS3 to the internet and I’m very keen to do some online races, as I’ve won 2 from 2 championships and have one every race in my third season with the Sauber in the Expert Difficulty. So anyway everytime I go onto the online section, I can never find any games and when I make my own custom gp session no one ever joins. I’m am very serious and a clean racer so if anyone would like to race me my PSN is BrownyAUS, so add me a friend and we can organise some races.




    I found a problem with this when I first had the game. Its fine to join quick sessions, but when you do a custom gp search, I could never join.

    however this was fixed once I downloaded the patch, albeit on the xbox 360, so maybe you just need to do that if you haven’t already.




    I think everyone else is too busy with GT5. I know I am!



    add me guys 4 some online play – BROOKSY007



    Have a look at F12010.co.uk , there are lots of online leagues which you can join there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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