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Buying a Personal Racing Simulator

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    Ok, so I’ve been looking around at Racing Simulators, so I can get back in to racing again. Today I played for an hour or so in a Obutto frame, with 3x 24″ monitors and a Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 wheel, with clubsport pedals.

    PC Games
    I liked it, but was disappointed as the chap used a PC to game on. He had iRacing.. which is excellent, but rFactor was poor, and F2011 was great with the exception of the some issues with the monitors and setting up controls.

    Being used to a iMac/Samsung LCD, the screen was disappointing, and even though the Frame Rate was over 200fps, I still didn’t like it. iMac’s and 40″ Samsung are by far superior to his HP screen setup. I don’t think his screen was HD, so.. this explains part of the difference.

    3x screens
    I noticed I wasn’t used to the 3 screen set up, and still focussed on the main one. As I was on testing tracks, and not used to the Sim, when I did race other cars, they disappeared off so I had little reason to use the wing mirrors, or the side windows :)

    I did start to get used to the fact I could see the corners coming some distance off on the extra monitors, but I didn’t care enough about it to convince me I needed 3x screens.

    Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3
    The wheel experience felt contrived and not realistic. I didn’t feel the car, so much as feel a lot of vibration here and there.

    The Obutto frame however was pretty good, and you can double it as a work station. For the money, it’s a good purchase.

    It doesn’t have a mental strut between your knees, so you can use left foot braking, or whatever you like.

    My Current Thoughts
    I’m thinking of getting a PS3 with a 3D monitor, and the Obutto frame. I’m not sure about the wheel yet, I may get a Logitech G27 for the time being until the Fanatec CSW comes out. Then get the Formula rim with it.

    I could get a CSR Elite Wheel, but there are none in NZ atm for sale :)

    I think, I would really like to wait until the Fanatec CSW comes out. If you’ve not seen it, check it out on Youtube. It’s a different league.

    Over to you
    Anyone else have racing simulator setup? Any thoughts?



    I just found these guys.. looks like the site is a good few years old, but you get a proper racing position! :)




    Wow, it even comes with downforce :D



    I don’t have anything too hardcore. Just a playseat with G27 which I slide up to my PC when I want to race. Software-wise I stick to Simbins Race07 series and Richard Burns Rally. Dabbled in rFactor but preferred Race07.

    Should probably add that though good, rFactors real strength lies in it’s mods, the quality of which vary as much as you’d expect from community addons. The best ones are very very good indeed.



    Lol, I have Logitech Driving Force wheel and pedals with the wheel 3 inches away from the monitor and a broke desk chair.

    @hare I believe the Fanatec series is supposed to be on par if not better than Logitech, so as far as a realistic drive feeling is concerned there may not be anything you can do about that (but what do I know, my piddly little wheel works fine by me).

    @muzzleflash I bought rFactor, RBRally, and GTR Evo(Race07 with additional content) and I much prefer GTR over rFactor. GTR doesn’t have as many mods, but it’s a lot less complicated to set up.



    @damionshadows I think if you’re gonna splash out on a simulator set up, you need to do it right.

    Personally, I think this is more like the thing I would shoot for.


    This guy’s rig is insane.. and it gets more insane as you read on. He’s got a D-Box, which is motion seat, and costs about GBP 8k.

    I wont be getting a D-Box anytime soon, however, I’m checking out the projectors.

    This is this guys video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWlXfndfPUE

    The key is ‘immersive’. You want the game to drag you in. :)

    I’m still thinking Obutto and PS3 though for now. Incidentally did you know PS3’s can support 3 screens? Apparently you need one to be the master, with 2 other slaves. Nice.



    I just watched that video again.. and I’m in awe. That guy is incredible! :)



    Ok, I spoke to the guys at Hyper Stimulator, these guys are serious! Most of the Supercar V8 teams have one of their simulators, and they can do a custom paint job for any customer.
    I mentioned a retro Bruce McLaren orange colour.. he suggested the Gulf colour scheme. Seriously cool!!

    If I get one, I’ll put photos up. :) I’ll probably go for 3 screen setup.

    Hey I’m just a kid with some income :D



    £8,000? for that money you could buy, oh I don’t know, an actual sports car and do some track days. I’m almost certain there are motorsport series’ that start at around £10k per year.

    @damionshadows That’s another thing I liked about it, less fiddling about with mods etc and it’s all run through Steam.



    @hare Hey, if you got the money go for it, I know I would! Since you’re willing to spend the money, you shouldn’t have a problem with a realistic feel. I was just speaking in terms of budget, lol. I would someday love to have a good setup, but I decided on a cheap, decent wheel in case I found sim-racing not that fun.



    @muzzleflash Well yes! You certainly could go racing with that kind of cash. Part of my considerations, are whether I want to actually go racing, or just simulate it. The benefits of having an immersive simulator, and something like iRacing, is iRacing laser maps every inch of a track, so you’re very close to simulating the real thing.

    Then you can race any car that’s available to you, on any track, against people who are ‘qualified’ to race there with you. That’s fun!

    The other argument, is that I have a small boy. A very small one actually, he’s due next weekend or there abouts. He’s be able to partake of his dad’s hobby at a much younger age than if I was racing for real.

    However, me being me.. I’ll probably end up with a car at any rate :)

    I checked out 3D screens today. I’m researching Projectors, so I’ll let you guys know if I find some options I’m happy with :)



    @damionshadows I have a probably with the force feedback wheels, I always have actually. I don’t think they are realistic. Many cars have power steering, and you feel the bumps, rattles and rumbles more than you feel the steering wheel being wrenched out of your hands.. If I got a wheel, I’d probably end up dialing down the power.



    @hare I too have been looking at different simulator setups and thought I would put my two cents in here, if you like the hyper stimulator route they have a race center out in Manukau if you wanted to give the cockpit a try before investing big bucks in a simulator, alternatively most of the big events held in NZ do have hyper stimulators set up somewhere at the circuit, I know that the V8’s always did.

    Just out of curiosity what city do you live in?



    @jarred-walmsley I’m currently in Henderson,and I’m going to Foxes tonight to watch the race :)

    I’ve loosely booked in some time on the sim in Papatoetoe next weekend..



    I have a playseat with a logitech G27, it works fine for me. I’m planning very soon to install the buttkicker to it. Willl let you all know how it works out once I”m done with it. Anyone else have a buttkicker?

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