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PSN handle and PS3 F1 2011 casual racing

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    For some of us that haven’t been able to join a PS3 F1 2011 competition due to unavailability but would still like to race a few times, could I suggest we post our PSN names in this topic so we can do some adhoc racing?

    Please list your PSN sign name for casual PS3 F1 2011 races. Nothing will be organised nor scoring. Just guys that are interested in racing for fun.

    My PSN name is heartmuscle.




    PlayStation 3 Players List:
    F1Fanatic Username | PSN Username | Location
    Magnificent Geoffrey | MagnificentGeof | UK
    f199player | f199player | UK
    olliekart | olliekart | UK
    TrueF1Grit | Kubica_ | UK
    Ratboy | Rattie87 | UK
    Silverkeg | Silverkeg | AUS
    shyguy1992 | Shyguy2008 | UK
    TommoTHFC | Tommo_N7 | UK
    Asanator | Asanator | UK
    jonnyw360f1 | jonnyw360f1 | UK
    Bradley13 | bradley1314 | UK
    iamsa8 | iamsa8 | AUS
    ed24f1 | ed24f1 | AUS
    Damon Smedley |d_smed2311 | AUS
    lamo2741 | lamo2741 | UK
    vho | Heart_Muscle | AUS
    slr | slrmm | UK
    Juan Pablo Heidfeld | Toon_Paco | UK

    Feel free to add…





    Ben Clark

    Psn: ben1984jammin. Want to get on some serious F1 races or maybe an online championship, just got online but had years on f1 games. CLEAN ONLY! No driving school maureen’s!!!



    ShaneB457 / ShaneB457 / Ireland


    Bradley Downton

    @ben1984jammin – I run an online Championship in which I only allow the fairest drivers to compete. We generally have clean racing (LAG can’t be ruled out unfortunately, and sometimes we get drivers who are hacked off and so a little aggressive, but this is quite rare.)
    It would be great to have you sign up, but only if you are willing to commit to the season, and to be on reguarly commenting, nothing bugs me more than people signing up and never posting… ARGHHH! Anyway, I’ve gone slightly off track, here’s the link to the forum topic: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1-games/forum/topic/2012-f1f-formula-one-ps3-world-championship-season-2/?topic_page=51&num=15
    If you have any questions, just ask me :)

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