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Shift 2: Unleashed

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    So is anyone out there thinking about getting Shift 2? It looks good – graphics, gameplay, etc. A tag-line is “Experience physical first-person racing and an unparalleled sensation of speed with the all-new helmet cam, night racing, and frighteningly real crashes.” Sounds good.

    Well, I’ll warn you, in my opinion, it isn’t :( Handling model is appalling, its a struggle to keep the car on the track, even with all the assistance turned on. And I’m no newbie to racing games. To be fair, I haven’t given it long, I’ve only played it for 30 mins. But quite often for me, first impressions are right. And this has left a very bad impression. In my opinion, Shift 2 should drop the ‘f’ ;)

    Does anyone else share my opinion, or think I know absolutely nothing? :D


    Dan Thorn

    Have you played the original Shift? I bought it a while ago and didn’t like it that much either. Shift 2 looked like more of the same so I haven’t bothered. Might be the sort of thing I’d pick up for a tenner in a couple of years to kill a few hours.

    Your disappointment seems to further proves my theory that the problem with the current crop of consoles is a distinct lack of good racing games. There’s only really Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 (I’m assuming that’s good cos I haven’t played it, but it looks awesome) and everything else is all very samey and very arcadey.



    The problem with the original Shift was the high speed cars would go into an uncontrollable drift when going round a corner. It was brilliant graphics and the cockpit view was brilliant.

    If what you say is right I guess they haven’t made much improvement, it’s 40 i’ll save anyway.



    @dan Thorn Yeah I had the first Shift, and quite enjoyed it, but grew bored of it eventually. I thought it would cut out the mistakes of the 1st, and improve on the good features, as well as adding more, which it appeared to do… until I played it. And yeah, we seem to lack a decent racing sim, Forza 3 was quite good but could’ve been better, and GT5 was a disapointment in my opinion. I’m currently playing Motorstorm Apocalypse which is brilliant :)

    @riise Agreed, and it is still like that, with worse hadling! The car just wants to slide everywhere, doesn’t want to got through smoothly :( Thankfully I only paid 20 for it (Traded in some old games too), but I’m gunna try and stick it out and get used to the handling, as I want my money’s worth!



    Need for Speed Pro Street. Thats where it’s at!

    p.s. i am being serious, everyone hates it and i love it.



    Honestly, Shift 2 on elite handling model is okay, its just that when you have a 1290hp Time Attack Supra, its going to get squirmy. Easy to fix, just tune it properly and its fun. Its not Rfactor or Netkar, but its more sim then many racing games of today. And the slower cars handle very realistically, its just 800hp and up cars that struggle heavily for grip.



    I agree with polishboy, my brother bought it so I decided to check it out. My main problem to begin with was laggy controls (why are games always released unfinished?), but once we sorted that the handling seemed pretty realistic, although the cars did seem to have a huge amount of grip. I was using a stock Elise and Megane cup.


    Stephen Jones

    same problem with the laggy controls..

    plus the handling model’s a bit wack.. i can drive the car perfectly through the corners, but using all my concentration i can’t keep the car on track on the straight.. you have to play it, its impossible!



    I forgot about that, you’re right. It just feels as if they didn’t bother configuring the steering at all, it’s quite pathetic when you think how much time and money went into the rest of the game, then they just leave it unplayable.


    Dan Thorn

    Ugh, I forgot about the laggy controls, that and the lack of customisable controller configuarations. Horrid game.

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