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Should I get F1 2011 for Christmas?


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    Well question is simple. I would like to see some positive and negative points…



    Positives: Its a F1 game = Must have.
    Negatives: A few bugs and niggles, but some of the new updates have made things a lot better.
    Just go for it, it is fun and challenging. There are problems, like the AI don’t crash. Ever. And things like that, and the penalty system is flawed, but I can’t help but enjoy it.


    Keith Collantine


    I have F1 2010 but I don’t find it that good, only thing that I found fun was driving with seb…


    It’s better than F1 2010. The most fun is to be had from racing with a great bunch of people online like we get in the Collantine Cup. Those sorts of races are worth price of admission alone.



    It is a lot better then F1 2010. That game had horrible bugs, including a very weird setup system where 3/1 downforce would be the best at nearly any circuit… You can actually feel the downforce help you in F1 2011, which is nice.
    The cars handle a lot better and are more twitchy. The AI is also better, but still not great.



    IF you are into proper racing games and racing online it is a must have. Especially if you use a steering wheel and pedals, it transforms the game. I would recommend the Logitech GT wheel which you can get for about £80 which is relatively not too expensive and has good force feedback etc. If you’ve got money to burn, the Logitech G27 is just awesome!

    Either way F1 2011 is a great game, I recommend it to everyone.



    nah, I “think” I get money to buy 1 game for xmass. so steeringwheel is a no-go for me, also I don’t have enough space for the steering wheel, I have a desk but it’s in glass and it moves too quickly…



    if I were you I’d be sensible and buy either Forza motorsport 4 or Gran Turismo 5 (you didn’t state which console you’d potentially be buying it for).

    Although if it’s for PC, grab yourself a subscription to iRacing… or download Grand Prix 4.



    I would like to own the game, but I don’t have a console to play it on, or a TV good enough to fully appreciate it. It would become terrible value for money if I bought those as well, just to play it!



    I have a ps3, and I don’t wanna use my pc for games so I guess that clarifies some things…



    Yes. Buy the game. It’s quite good. I like it a lot anyway.

    Online play is the best aspect of the game. It’s far more satisfying than racing against AI players.



    Yes. For any F1 fan, it’s going to be a lot of fun.



    Pros: it’s an F1 game and you can race others online
    Cons: penalty system is retarded, career mode gets boring, AI drive like morons and act as if you aren’t there, two patches later and the DRS Zones are still wrong, simple things like the gear ratios lying to you about your top speed.

    Get something else, I say.


    Stephen Jones

    it’s christmas, you should be able to find it for cheap.. it’s worth it! even if you buy it so you can T-Bone Sutil every race (hehe)

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