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The 2013 F1F GT5 Le Mans 24 Laps (Saturday, June 22)

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    Can’t upgrade the Super GT car high enough. Best I can manage is just shy of 4 minute laps.

    However, the LMP cars (well… car, the only one I have is the 787B) in this game are, well, somewhat horrible to control. Being used to Forza and the 360 controller, the steering lag on the PS3 joysticks feel like they last an age, so I might rule myself out anyway unless I can get used to it and am not a liability.



    Don’t you have a Logitech Wheel though?


    @ajokay Have you tried playing with the controller steering sensitivity on driving options?



    @spud yes I do, nowhere to really put it in the lounge though. @magnificent-geoffrey I’ll take a look at the sensitivity.



    If anyone is in need of a car, and doesn’t think they’ll be able to get one in time for the race, I have a spare Nissan R92CP Race Car ’92 that I would be happy to gift to someone.



    Like @supernicebob , I have some cars in my garage that I’d be happy enough to loan out to someone too if they want. I have an Audi R10 TDi Race Car ’06 that I raced last year, if anyone is interested. I’ll have a rummage for any more I might be able to gift out.



    Could someone explain how the used car dealer works in GT5? I saw the 2003 winning Bently and was wondering if there’s any chance of it appearing again before the race assuming I can raise the 5 million or so it cost.


    @lin1876 It works on a calendar system. GT5 counts a number of ‘days’, in which you do things in the game. Doing things like races or license tests advances the game by a day. Each day, a certain number of cars are replaced in the used car dealership in a set order. Certain cars appear very rarely – many hundreds of days apart.

    You can use this tool to work out how many days you need to advance for a certain car to show up, but chances are it’s going to take so long to do it that it’s not worth it. Truly baffling design choice by PD.

    If I’m not mistaken, online seasonal events don’t advance the game time. So if the Bentley is still in your used car dealership, just grind the Formula GT event a few times and you should quickly be able to earn enough to buy it.



    If I’m not mistaken, online seasonal events don’t advance the game time.

    In my experience seasonal events do advance game time.

    @lin1876 This video shows you how to advance the games days quickly, although I’d suggest you do this after you have around 6 or 7 million credits raised. If you’re looking a certain car in particular then it can take a very long time to find that car, but if you’re looking for any Le Mans car, then it shouldn’t take too long to find something.



    I would love to see a vid of this or something, afterwards. Can’t remember what the replay options are in GT5? Anyway, have a blast, wish I could make it!


    I’ll save the race replay and then when I get time I’ll make a highlights video using my DVR.



    Ahead of this event, I’ve heard from various sources not to update your PS3 to the new firmware version 4.45, as it’s full of bugs and bricking some machines.


    Stephen Jones

    Yep, that’s what I’ve heard as well.
    Don’t update your PS3 to 4.45. Sony’s playing sillybuggers with us all.

    Also I can’t wait for this weekend. Get to take The Last of Us out of the console for the first time, plug in a wheel and see if GT5 still works. Haven’t really played it since last years’ race, get ready to watch the Pescarolo go backwards



    I did get the steering wheel out last night. Need to find somewhere comfy to affix it in the lounge and see what the LMP’s are like with it. The VW Scirocco was quite nice with it, but it’s not quite the same league.



    Sony have taken off the 4.45 update, so everyone safe it from that now.

    Get to take The Last of Us out of the console for the first time

    That is an awesome game, although the Clickers are bloody scary. :P

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