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The Official (Not really) GT5 Thread

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    Ok so let’s talk about everything Gran Turismo 5.

    I am currently level 19, have 1.7 mil in the bank and am currently driving a Mclaren MP4-12C (What a beautiful car).

    Target: To get gold on each license today, then move on to the special events.


    Dan Thorn

    I’m level 14 (and level 1 on B-Spec) and I’m just playing through the game to get all the races won before I go after the golds for licenses and special events. Currently have 200,000 in the bank, I like to buy a different car for every race event. Not very efficient but it’s enjoyable!

    Today’s target: To wait for a pickup to appear in the used section so I can finally do the friggin’ pickup series!



    I’m not that far. I’m on level 10, 150k in the bank, driving various things such as a Nissan Skyline, Honda Civic Type-R and some other cars I have won by winning races.

    I’ve done A and B licenses with mostly silver medals, a few golds and a couple of bronzes. I aim to improve all of them to gold eventually. I’ve also done all of the beginner special events up to the Gullwing on the Nurburgring event, most of them gold. I’m utterly frustrated with the Top Gear track events though. The VW Camper Van one I did three times just to get a silver medal and it was so dull I really don’t want to try it again and the Lotus Elise one I’m finding hard as hell because that car slides so much.

    I’ve also won every race I’ve entered in A-Spec so far, such as the Front Wheel drive one, the open competition, the 90s Japanese one, the karting championship etc.

    One thing I have to ask, is anyone using a wheel? Currently I’m just using the control pad and it’s working okay but I’m considering getting a Driving Force GT. I can see it helping me, especially in time trials where I want to get the car in a specific place on the line instead of having to correct it and then overcorrecting it constantly with my thumbs. This will also be very useful in F1 2010, especially on straight lines where I’m finding myself constantly trying to get it to go straight instead of slightly to the left or to the right.



    Ive just uploaded the cars from GT PSP. You can only upload 50 cars at any one time(not too bad for me as ive got 93, most of which are slow). The major cars I uploaded were th F2007, Veyron, Formula GT and LMP1’s. Theres quite a difference between the GT5 graphics and GT PSP. The F2007 from the PSP has no cockpit view and the driver is so high in the car. Compare this with prologue and the car has a cockpit view and the driver is lower down. The car also looks very square compared to other cars in the game.


    Would anyone fancy some go-kart racing online sometime?



    I’d fancy that. Add me: rb-driftin.


    Lord Stig

    I finally received my copy from Amazon today. So far I am on Level 3 with only about 35k in the bank right now.

    While driving in arcade mode in the Zonda R at the Nurburgring I was surprised as to really how easily the car can get away from you. This was with ABS and TC off, but if you even tried to slam on the brake’s the car would go right into a pirouette. Anyhow my first impressions are quite good, and am pleased with the way the game turned out, though it would have been nice if the wait was not so long.



    Im on level 20, with a near enough fully tuned DB9 and R8. My other cars include a Lambo Murcielago, Citroen C4 WRC, Mini(whats up with the 98 mini, i thought that was British car, yet its allowed in the German series?) and the awesome Mugen Honda Civic.

    Ive just settled for Silvers and bronzes at the moment, il go back later and do the Golds. Despite that, I must be turning into a pretty decent rally driver, ive got Golds on most rally events.

    Ive also found the Loch Ness Monster, seriously its there. Final corner of Trail Montain (forward) circuit.

    @driftin I have that very steering wheel. Its especially useful with NASCAR, its much easier to handle the cars, and Rallying where you almost feel like a rally driver the amount of times it vibrates. The only slight drawback for me is the gear lever being on the wrong side(for us Brits anyway), but you quickly get used to it and if you dont then just use the paddle shifts.


    Dan Thorn

    There’s also a monkey on Trial mountain, just after the right hander after the tunnel it’s on a branch overhanging the road. Didn’t know they were still there but nice that they kept the easter eggs!

    As for the ’98 Mini, I’m guessing that at that time the Mini was branded a Rover who were then under BMW ownership. It’s strange though…

    My best motor at the moment has to be the ’69 Camaro. It’s pretty much fully tuned and since I’ve equipped the LSD it can only really go sideways through corners. I’ve never had so much fun on a game…


    My useless B-Spec driver (T.Bird) was struggling to pass anyone in the earlier races. I think I might give him my Stealth GTR and see how he does then.


    Dan Thorn

    The B-Spec drivers are hilarious. They either boot the throttle on corner entry and go in the wall or trickle round every turn in second gear. Mine struggled to win a Sunday Cup race in a 300bhp Alfa 156 despite a huge power advantage!


    I love how this game allows complete photography n00bs like me to shoot some seriously pretty car-porn with minimal effort. Here’s some test shots I’ve taken tonight (very big images).

    Lotus Elise in Switzerland: http://i.imgur.com/RF9tH.jpg

    Lotus Elise in Kyoto: http://i.imgur.com/xK1pK.jpg

    Taking the Stealth GTR for a spin around Tokyo R246: http://i.imgur.com/Q4tN7.jpg



    I only bought the game yesterday and as a MASSIVE Gran Turismo fan I’m pretty underwhelmed by the size of the career mode. After 1 day I’ve completed 16% when last year it took me 6 months to take my freinds GT4 career from 36% to 85%. I used to love the sheer scope of the game but it seems to be lacking this time.


    Dan Thorn

    That’s my problem at the moment as well. I’m hoping for more races to be unlocked after I do all the available ones but if not at least there’s the B-Spec mode to pad things out a bit.

    With GT4 I got a huge satisfaction from achieving 100% but it doesn’t look like I’ll be so thrilled this time around.



    You all think the game is small? I got the game on saturday (7% done, level 10) and there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t even touched yet, like the photomode, B-Spec, some of the new tracks, and the only thing I’ve done online so far was one practice session.

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