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    Well what do you think would be an ultimate game? Personally a mix between GT5 and F1 2010 with a few updates.



    Id love a Grand Prix Legends (spanning say… from 1958-1973) with the looks and physics of GT5/Forza3(or4). Would be amazing.



    The ultimate game would be one of three parts, sort of like how there are different Pokmon games.

    Formula-Spec would have you start in karting, advance through the ranks, offered drives, going through Formula Renault/GP3, World Series/GP2 and into F1 with a career mode like the Codemasters games.

    America-Spec would have you start in karting, advancing either to US F2000, Indy Lights and IndyCar or through stock cars to NASCAR Camping World Truck, Nationwide and Sprint Cup series

    Touring-Spec would again start in karting, before you rise up through the GT Championship or the ALMS, finishing in the soon-to-be-created FIA Endurance World Championship with Le Mans 24hrs at the top (could possibly fit in the BTCC/WTCC in there too).

    All 3 games would be separate, but completing the game will unlock the ability to download content (probably for a small fee) to use your game data to “switch” to the top tiers of the other games’ car classes (so you become F1 World Champion and then switch to IndyCar like Mansell, or try your hand at Le Mans).

    Totally impractical, but a man can dream.



    Everything Icthyes said, plus a management mode where you can hire/fire drivers and personnel, develop the car and such. And maybe an online mode for it so you can take your own team and pit them against other teams!



    What Icthyes said plus a few different eras (best thing about GT5 is the older cars) and a road car racing series.


    Martin Rasmussen

    What Icthyes said. But I need some realistic physics. Take iRacing or rFactor and mix those two together and you’ll have som killer physics!

    Keep Forza and GT out of this ;)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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