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The Unofficial F1 Fanatic F1 2010 xbox 360 championship


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    Hi, as you may know their is already a PS3 championship running and i thought it would be good if their was one for all us people who have an Xbox 360.

    The Calendar

    The dates will be selected by the drivers themselves, however this will always be a Saturday. The aim is to have two/three races running each month or more if it is easier.

    Round 1: Melbourne, Australia – SATURDAY 8TH JANUARY 2011

    Round 2: Monte Carlo, Monaco – SATURDAY 22ND JANUARY 2011

    Round 3: Silverstone, Britain – SATURDAY 29TH JANUARY 2011

    Round 4: Montreal, Canada – SATURDAY 12TH FEBRUARY 2011

    Round 5: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – SATURDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 2011

    Round 6: Monza, Italy – SATURDAY 5TH MARCH 2011

    Round 7: Istanbul, Turkey – SATURDAY 19TH MARCH 2011

    Round 8: Suzuka, Japan – SATURDAY 26TH MARCH 2011

    Round 9: Sao Paolo, Brazil – SATURDAY 9 APRIL 2011


    The Races

    Races will take place on pre-agreed Saturdays, at 11:00am GMT or later or earlier if prefered.

    Each race will run for 20% race distance and will be 30% for the penultimate and last race. The grid for each race will be determined by a 15 minute qualifying session before each race. There will be tyre and fuel simulation drivers will need to run both the Prime and Option tyres at some point during dry races.

    Damage will be set to Cosmetic only.

    Weather will be set to Dynamic, wet races are a possibility.

    All driving aids will be left available.

    The Stewards will be on reduced however cutting the corner and crashing into others will cause you to get a penalty so it is not worth it.

    The Points System:

    Points for the Championship will be awarded using the real 2010 FIA points system:

    1st) 25 points

    2nd) 18 points

    3rd) 15 points

    4th) 12 points

    5th) 10 points

    6th) 8 points

    7th) 6 points

    8th) 4 points

    9th) 2 points

    10th) 1 point

    Points will only be awarded if the driver is successfully running at the completion of the race. DNFs or disconnects will result in no points being earned.

    Throughout the season you will be able to use a joker card. You have only ONE. This can be used by declaring you wish to use it before qualifying of a race.

    The Rules:

    Deliberate unsportsmanlike behaviour such as, but not limited to, excessive weaving, deliberate ramming, driving around the track the wrong way, parking across the track to block other drivers will result in a warning and then a ban from the Championship if warnings are not heeded. Drivers unable to make a Round of the Championship will not be penalised if they notifying the others of their absence prior to that Round taking place.

    The Procedure:

    Invites will be sent out at 10:55am GMT (5 minutes before event start). Drivers can join at any time between then and the 11:00am GMT start, but if a driver fails to enter the room within that time, without notifying that they will be late, the race will begin and that driver will not be allowed to join the session.

    After qualifying, there will be a 2 minute wait to allow drivers to prepare for the race, during which time no one is to select Go to Race on the menu screen.

    There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.

    If you are interested and want to be part of the championship then comment on the thread/topic. Tell me your Xbox live name and your prefered car (doesn’t really matter as peformance will be equal). I will start the championship when i think there is enough drivers. My name on the forum is MGP W01 and my xbox live name is Sodamn Insane 6

    Add me as a friend and message me any questions of couse.

    Hopefully this will be a sucess like the PS3 championship.

    Hopefull i can see you at Melbourne (in the virtual sense!)

    *edit to include dates


    Lee Harrison

    Hi, I’d like to join :D

    Gamertag: Mr Flobadob

    Preferred Car: McLaren



    Thanks for the interest, its first come first serve so yes you can join and drive a Mclaren. Hopefully more will join and we can have a great championship. Tell anyone else who might be interested please.

    Thanks :D



    I’m so glad somebody has taken this up!

    I’m definately up for it!

    Xbox: smifaye

    Preferred car: Williams



    I know it’s a big ask, but is there any chance a spot could be reserved for me? Thing is, I’m getting an XBOX for Christmas, and I hope I can get XBOX Live as well.

    If I can join after Christmas, my preferred car would be Renault or HRT. And my vote for the final race is Korea.

    Thanks very much, and I hope to see you in Melbourne!



    I’m sure that could be arranged daykind because theres only one Saturday before Christmas left and i’m sure we won’t be up and running by then! Plus the next Saturday is Christmas Day, and then New Years Day.

    So i’m guessing no race until the 8th of January?

    Oh and my vote would be Valencia, believe we could have a good race there with two long straights leading into possible overtaking spots!



    Thanks, I’d sure be interested to join.


    MGP WO1: TBC

    Lee Harrison: McLaren

    Smifaye: Williams

    daykind: Renault/Hispania

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC

    TBC: TBC


    Lee Harrison

    I’ll vote for Malaysia as my choice for the last race.



    Thats quick, all you people being interested. I’ll start with smifaye, yes of course you can join and you can drive the Williams. Daykind, its fine for you to join because it will probably be in the new year when i start the championship anyway, because it may take that long to get a suitable grid. Thanks for the in terest and tell anyone else you think may be interested. I am going to say now that i will drive the Mercedes GP.

    I’ve got an idea for the championship, should we have before the championship starts a practice session. Basically i could set up a pole position lobby to get everyone used to racing with eachover. Obviously no points are gained in doing this. Also, when we start the championship don’t invite me to chat or anything beuse i don’t have a headset.

    Anyway thanks for the interest and for anyone else, be quick because its first come, first served.

    Thanks again to everyone.




    MGP W01 (Sodamn Insane 6) – Mercedes GP

    Lee Harrison (Mr Flobadob) – Mclaren

    Smifaye (Smifaye) – Williams

    Daykind (tba) – Renault/HRT

    Thanks everyone, hopefully soon their will be more names on this list, See you all at Melbourne!



    Daykind, if you do get an xbox and xbox live please post the news on the thread/topic and message my xbox live acount (Sodamn Insane 6). Hopefully you will and will be able to race but if you don’t please tell me before i release the official final line up hopefully after christmas.

    Thanks for the interest anyway.



    Daykind, sorry about the multiple posts but could please choose between your two team choices, just in case anyone else wants one of them.




    Ok, I’ll have the Renault, but if someone else picks it, then I’ll take the HRT.

    Thanks for the help, I really hope I can be part of this.



    Daykind, what team do you want to race for?



    Sorry, i asked at the same time you responded… FAIL

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