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The Unofficial Hardcore PS3 F1 2011 Championship – no driver assists

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    Thought I might see if there is anyone on the forum that’s interested in doing some online racing in F1 2011 for PS3 without any driver assists. I.E:

    No traction control
    No ABS
    No throttle control or brake assist (have they eliminated this in 2011?)
    No racing line,
    Manual sequential gearbox
    Racing Engineer ON but everything else that is some form of an assist is off.
    All cars at the same level.
    Full race simulation, full crash simulation
    30% race distance
    Quali then race
    Pit stops and safety car enabled.
    What else have I missed?

    This would be difficult for guys on hand controllers, so this comp favours guys with wheels. Will probably run it at 11:30pm Aust EDT (12:30pm GMT) on Saturday evenings.

    Anyone interested?



    Going on further to my first post;

    The Calendar

    Just a suggestion at this stage, open for feedback;

    Round 1: Melbourne, Australia
    Round 2: Monza, Italy*
    Round 3: Istanbul, Turkey*
    Round 4: Delhi, India*
    Round 5: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium*
    Round 6: Monte Carlo, Monaco*
    Round 7: Valencia, Spain*
    Round 8: Shanghai International, China*
    Round 9: Singapore, Singapore*
    Round 10: Suzuka, Japan*
    *Dates will be determined by mutal consent after each Round

    The Races
    Races will take place on Saturdays, at 12:30 GMT (open for feedback). Each race will run for 30% race distance.
    The grid for each race will be determined by a 15 minute qualifying session, immediately prior to each race.
    Tyre and Fuel simulation will apply, drivers will need to run both the Prime and Option tyres at some point during dry races.
    Damage will be set to Full.
    Weather will be set to Dynamic, wet races are a possibility.
    All driving aids will be disabled. Manual sequential gearing, and Race Engineer ON.

    The Points System:
    Points for the Championship will be awarded using the real 2011 FIA points system:
    1st) 25 points
    2nd) 18 points
    3rd) 15 points
    4th) 12 points
    5th) 10 points
    6th) 8 points
    7th) 6 points
    8th) 4 points
    9th) 2 points
    10th) 1 point
    Points will only be awarded if the driver is successfully running at the completion of the race. DNFs or disconnects will result in no points being earned.
    After Round 9, each driver will nominate a race result to drop, causing them to lose the points they gained for that particular Round. The Championship table will be altered to reflect this before the final Round commences.
    After Round 10 is completed, the driver with the highest total points score will be declared the Hardcore F1 2011 World Champion.

    The Rules:
    Deliberate unsportsmanlike behaviour such as, but not limited to, excessive weaving, deliberate ramming, driving around the track the wrong way, parking across the track to block other drivers will result in a warning and then a ban from the Championship if warnings are not heeded. That driver’s place in the Championship will then be offered to reserves on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Drivers may contest unsportsmanlike behaviours but will need to provide evidence to the group (drivers of this league). The group (other than the two drivers contesting for the penalty) will vote on whether a penalty should be applied or not.
    Drivers unable to make a Round of the Championship will not be penalised if they notifying the others of their absence prior to that Round taking place. Drivers who don’t turn up to multiple races without notifying in advance may have their place in the Championship offered to a reserve.

    The Procedure:
    Invites will be sent out at 12:55 GMT (5 minutes before event start). Drivers can join at any time between then and the 13:00am GMT start, but if a driver fails to enter the room within that time, without notifying that they will be late, the race will begin and that driver will not be allowed to join the session.
    After qualifying, there will be a 2 minute wait to allow drivers to prepare for the race, during which time no one is to select Go to Race on the menu screen.
    There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.

    Any feedback is welcomed.



    I would love to join this one, but I traded my g27 to a gt2 fanatec just yesterday, and the shift padels suck big time, it doesn’t shift on time.



    I hope you didn’t pay more for it compared to the G27… I’ll need to uprade my GT Pro to a G27 soon.. or I may wait for the next model. The GT Pro doesn’t match the lock to lock turn as the car in F1 2010 – although the wheel gives you 270 degrees it seems to go full lock at the 90 degree mark. Does the G27 have that problem? And are other people with the GT Pro having the same problem? I can’t find anywhere to adjust the steering lock in the game – unlike Geoff Crammond’s F1GP4.



    @vho I would LOVE to join this championship, I’ve tried for many and never been selected. As I see nobody already joined I hope you pick me!



    @vho Do you meen gone midnight GMT or early afternoon GMT



    13:00 GMT is early afternoon in the UK.



    @formula 1 – you’re number 2 on the list. Racing starts at 12.30pm (midday) on Saturday – which is 11.30pm in Melbourne, AU.

    Just be aware of the racing conditions – no driver assists.



    BTW, it’s first in – not going to be picking people, so it’ll be the first 15 in, however, for those who’ve joined other racing leagues I would be giving preference to those who are not currently in any league.



    Thanks @vho by the way I am @formula1 not @formula 1, could you just explain how the hosting thing works as I am new to this.



    I haven’t got time to join another league unfortunately, but I think that if you want to emphasise the hardcore nature of the league, the races should be much longer – either 50%, 75% or even 100%.



    Every forum I’m a member of always seems to struggle to get a decent turn out for these F1 2011 championships so if you guys do struggle to get a decent turnout please feel free to join us at GTPlanet.


    There’s also the occasional full distance online race that takes place.




    @ed24f1 – Point taken, and I thought about that earlier when I started this post, but I also thought the chance of people getting disconnected would be higher for a longer race. Wouldn’t mind doing a 100% race distance if we had a LAN option.

    BTW, apologies for not replying earlier as I was in sunny Queensland soaking up the sun for work, rest and play for the past week or so.



    Do we have anyone else interested in doing some “hardcore races” for a laugh?



    I would love to take part in this, as the setup is how i always play the game.
    What I’m not sure about is the race time. Saturday daytime is not a good slot.
    Sunday evening or mid week evening and I’m in

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