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What driving assists do you use in F1 2011?

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    I have all the driving assists off except for automatic gearbox and racing line..what about you?



    I have all my assists off except for pits and my gearbox is on automatic. I turned off the racing line a long while back; for one some of the racing lines are wrong; and I use a different line for several corners.



    Yeah, same here. I use automatic gearbox, makes it a whole lot easier. I also use traction control, I just can’t drive without it.



    @kingshark – that’s what I used to think. But after a while; your foot just really gets used to it. Having said that you need a wheel with Force Feedback to properly drive without TC; as it gives a better feel of how the car is behaving on the throttle. It also makes managing tyres a whole lot easier. It’s a whole lot fun at times too – if I’ve overtaken someone and am too tight on entry; there are times when I rotate the car by a throttle blip; using the power to actually rotate the car.



    Only automatic gearbox on. I was one of those who said it’s impossible to drive without TC with a controller, but i was wrong. It takes practice and you need to find a good league/group of people and practice with them online. I know guys who have everything off with a controller and beat the good guys with a steering wheel. I thought if that’s possible i need to practice with TC off and it’s alot more fun.



    ABS, full TC, automatic gearbox. I use the keyboard.



    i use nothing. although it has been 3 months since i got the game and i am yet to win a race.



    Racing line, manual brakes, traction control full, abs on. I use auto gears at the moment, but I’m trying to wean myself of those, onto manual. I’m just not very good so that’ll take time. :P



    It depends. If it is one of those races I just want to get over with, I use the racing line. Though only to get my braking points right. I find it easier with the racing line on.
    And if it is really wet i sometimes use ABS.
    Other then that everything is off.



    Only automatic gearbox and racing line in corners (due to breaking points). Both take some time to learn by heart in real and I dont want to learn but play. Nevertheless I tried all assists one after one, TC is definitely biggest help imo.



    I use none except for medium traction control (only sometimes).



    I haven’t got a wheel (yet) but I hope to get one set up soon. At the moment I use racing line (corners only), automatic gearbox (not really possible to use manual with the standard Xbox controller), Traction Control and ABS, both of which I just can’t live without right now. I’m very happy in Forza 4 without ABS and TC though.



    I use Auto Gearbox, TC at moment, and Racing Line (corners only). Everything else off.

    I intend to change TC to medium for my second season, and may turn the line off too, but not sure about that…



    No assists on a controller. I don’t see why everyone seems to think this is so hard. :/ Maybe on ps3 because I don’t think they have triggers. But on Xbox you can apply Brake and throttle just fine.


    Joshua Barry

    Why do people turn automatic on! That’s not real racing

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