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What improvements would you make to the F1 2012 game?

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    I love the F1 2011 game but I still think there could be more improvements.. Here’s what I think should be done to the F1 2012 game when it comes out eventually..

    Number 1: There should be a formation lap before the race starts.
    Number 2: The crash damage needs to be improved massively..in real life an F1 car is so fragile and say for example when Ralf Schumacher crashed in monaco-http://youtu.be/yRMU7fh5oBc
    that wouldnt of happened in the F1 game..not a chance..you’d probably lose your front wing but thats all..
    Number 3:There needs to be better replays like after a race..it would be cool if you were able to look at the onboard start from the other drivers..say if you wanted to see how Vettel or Alonso crashed in the first corner..there needs to be highlights or something like that..
    Number 4: There needs to be less reliability for the new teams-Lotus, Hrt and Virgin..im currently driving for Lotus in the career mode and not once has my gearbox failed or engine blew up..in real life you always see these teams have reliability issues..
    Number 5: Its a small thing but when its raining your mechanics should be wearing jackets..they always wear t-shirts and get soaked when they roll the car into the garage..it just doesnt make sense! :)
    Number 6: The gravel traps are too good! You stop too quickly when you run into the gravel traps..
    Number 7: When you crash into a tyre wall nothing happens to it..thats so unrealistic! Take massa’s crah in hungary 2009 for example and look at what happens to the tyre wall..http://youtu.be/xjd5p8dDQdU
    Number 8: Sometimes you get random penalties for no reason and it’s so frustrating..and say when you crash into someone it says straight away that you’ve got a drive through..that should not happen..you’re race engineer should get on the radio and say that you’re under investigation by the stewards..then 2 laps later he tells you that you’ve got a drive through..that would be much better..
    Number 9: When doing interviews you should be able to select more answers than just three..there should be more options..
    What do you all think?



    Top of the list for me would be the ability to do record races to be replayed at a later stage.

    Then if possible at all, sort out lag issues, although I don’t know if that’s a Codies problem, or a local ISP problem.



    Something I actually would love is proper FOM style graphics. Another thing; would be formation lap. They should put it in; and maybe even the parade lap. What would also be nice is knowing whose car you’re taking over in a contract signing. Better if you could choose :D



    A proper safety car restart. The ability to decide your speed, gap etc. to the driver in front is too restricted to be able to make for an exciting restart.
    Also the cars needs to be less tough. You can tap a driver behind quite hard without damaging your front wing or his rear tyres.
    Also the penalty system needs a bit of an improvement. For instance if you reach a corner way too quickly and you take the escape road or run across it they give you a penalty instantly. In real life you shall just give back any positions gained and make sure that your sector time is slower then the one from the lap before, so you can glide across the runoff, give back positions and slow down. In the game they don’t give you time to do that before you get a penalty.
    Also reliability is too good, especially the small teams need to have more gearbox, engine etc. issues.
    The AI also needs to post faster laptimes. Right now I think they are too slow when you use a wheel.
    I would also like the AI to make more mistakes when racing each other.
    It is very rare that drivers crash and have DNF’s. Of cause some of that is because the cars are so tough and it is way too hard to break the suspension. Especially on the front, but the AI also needs to make a bit more contact.
    The AI also needs to be more aggressive when overtaking. They don’t try to outbreak you much, and sometimes when they catch you on the straight they just slow down behind you instead of pulling it alongside you.
    Another thing that annoys me is the pitstops. A quick pistop is over 4 seconds… which is really annoying when they are hitting high 2s and low 3s basically every single time in real life.
    Oh and more settings to set on the fly. Break bias especially.
    And in general more setup options. Things like the diff setting is super important in real life, but totally avoided in the game.
    A start clutch would also be fun, maybe so that the gear pedals on your wheel acts as clutch 1 and 2. So you set clutch 2 to the clutch bitepoint (I don’t know whether they are made as an on/off switch, or an actual potentiometer which would be required to do this.) and fully depress clutch one and then set your throttle at optimum RPM. Dip clutch 1, slowly release clutch 2 along with increasing throttle input. Could be fun, but I don’t think it is actually possible in terms of the construction of the wheels.



    I think the backmarkers should get out the way sooner, I could find myself stuck behind slower cars for up to a lap before they jump out the way and it’s quite frustrating, especially on the narrower circuits like Monaco!

    Secondly I would make the Safety Car a bit more sensitive to accidents on the circuit. I’m well into my second season in career mode now and the Safety Car has only been out twice.

    As has already been mentioned, I would also like to be able to choose who I replace when I move teams although I am yet to have this happen to me in career mode yet!

    I’ve also had a few issues with making unscheduled pit stops in changing conditions. Once I came in for full wets and I informed the pit crew through the appropriate menu, yet at the pit stop I was fitted with options. Another time I came in for hard tyres on a drying track and I got fitted with full wets. I don’t know if this is a glitch or that I’m doing something wrong?



    One thing that’s stuck in my mind for a bit: when you pass someone cutting a corner, which often can happen involuntarily, as if you run over the kerb on some circuits it says you’ve cut the track, you shouldn’t get a penalty, but instead have around 15 seconds to hand the position back. If you fail to do so, you get the penalty, otherwise nothing happens.



    Better AI: they’ll chicken out of out-braking you on the inside, but if for some reason you’re slow into a corner they will go for a gap that is half a car’s width and take you off, giving you a penalty in the process.

    Free Safety Car restart control.

    If they’re not going to fix the penalty system, then allows us to turn it off.

    Less oversteer that’s there for the sake of it. Something as simple as turning a corner can make you spin and you don’t notice it’s slipping until it’s too late. It’s fine if you have a wheel, less easy to catch with a controller.

    Complete overhaul of the Career mode. Your objective should be an average based on you and your team-mate’s last 5 races, not getting a lucky 8th in a Lotus in Malaysia and then having to fail the next four objectives until it comes back down to your normal target. Qualifying and race targets should be separate.

    Not having to do an out lap when you do R&D, that gets old super-quick.

    Fix all the bugs that remain in the game. AI too fast in the wet and never burning out their intermediates, re-ordering the grid if somebody joins the game online when you’re in qualifying, AI acting like you’re not there when you’re going wheel-to-wheel, etc.



    I’d love to be able to “choose” upgrades; basically tell the guys (if you’re the No. 1 driver) what you want. As in; “I want a stronger front end for better turn in; or a bit more low speed oversteer in the slow speed corners.” or “I want a less draggy car.”

    Another thing would be something I have to face at times – I have a DVD copy; and for some reason it needs the DVD to be inserted for the game to run.



    Oh one more thing. Career statistics would be great. Both online and in career mode.
    So you can see number of 1st places, 2nd… and so forth, laps led in percentage and in total. Number of overtakes, contacts, pitstops, etc.
    I think it would be fun to look back at.


    AI AI AI AI AI AI!!!

    Make them commit to overtaking moves for a starter – DRS is all well and good but then they don’t actually carry the speed advantage through into an overtake, not to mention they give way far far too quickly when you’re overtaking.

    More realistic lap times, too, and not the ridiculous gap between 9th and 10th/11th/12th teams we saw in F1 2011…I know they’re slow, but not THAT slow



    I would like to see more additional content, maybe some historical tracks fro online use only, so Estoril, Mangy-Cours, Adelaide, Indianapolis, Hockenheim/Nurburgring (whichever they aren’t using this season!) etc. etc. It would add an extra incentive to playing online.

    Also, It’s kind of a big change, but I would like the designers to think into the future a bit and maybe change teams liveries slightly each season, with new (realistic) sponsors and stuff, though I do understand that’s pushing the boat out a bit!



    Something else I’ve just thought of is the name on the drivers overalls should change to that of the player, I can still quite clearly see Paul di Resta’s name on my driver’s overalls.



    To be honest, all I really want is a game free of bugs. While pit lane bugs have largely disappeared (thank goodness), cars still glitch through each other far too often, which is very annoying.

    Beyond that, just an improved penalty system and more fragile cars and I’ll be sorted.

    EDIT: i.e. so that doing this will do proper damage to your car! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/formula_one/15053040.stm



    I don’t think they should add any new features. First of all they should try and remove all of the bugs.
    Maybe they should test the game more extensively.

    Anyway I’m enjoying F1 2011 at the moment and if they remove the bugs and improve the penalty system I’ll most likely buy F1 2012.



    Wife free zone! When playing the game, your wife must not be able to walk through or try to start a conversation, not even a single question! These are single seater cars for a reason

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