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What is your favourite F1 game?

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    What is your all time favourite F1 game and why? Mine would be F1 99 because its challenging and it also has the Safety Car.



    Mine is F1 World Grand Prix on the N64. I loved that game’s challenge mode. Trying to win the 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix as Hill and driving Fisichella’s 3-wheeled Jordan in Germany was epic. I also quite like Sony’s F1 2001 on the PS2, since it was the last (maybe even the only) game with Murray Walker was the commentator and it provided a challenge with decent AI.



    F1 ’97 and Grand Prix 2. F1 97 was the first F1 game I got really into and GP2 I got really into the MODing and continued this with GP3, GP4 and then rFactor.

    David, F1 World Grand Prix on the N64 was amazing because of the challenge mode. I’d love to see something like that in a game now based on really life season moments.

    I made a list of my top ten F1 games on my site here: http://wtf1.co.uk/post/1069229427/top-ten-formula-one-video-games

    Let me know what you think?



    F1 World Grand Prix on the N64 too. Great game altogether.

    That Hawaiian Island Grand Prix was brilliant. And the Gold and Silver drivers?? What a great idea.

    Graphics weren’t half bad either considering how old the game would be now.



    Some interesting selection on that list. How would you rank the mods in rfactor?



    The first game I got into was Grand Prix 2. I loved this game and played it to death. I then remember the first F1 game on a console I played was F1 ’97, this was a classic!

    After this I remember loving an EA Sports F1 game, I have fond memories of driving around Monza with my mate, me going one way, him the other and crashing head on, the cars would never damage that much!

    Grand Prix 4 is probably one of my favourites as I loved this game, and enjoyed playing the recent mods, 06 and 07, they added some extra realism.

    I have to say I love F1 2010 for the Xbox 360, I spend a lot of my gaming time on that game and online it is so much fun!


    Dan Thorn

    The original ‘Formula One’ on PSX with the 1995 season. Because it was relased after the season it had driver changes (eg Mansell and Blundell) and Simtek drop out after the first few races. It had quite a bit to do and its a lot easier to play than F1 97 (which I always found quite difficult, but is also great fun).

    F1:Championship Edition on PS3 is the only other F1 game I really like. All the other ones I’ve played have been a bit naff. I’ll give F1 2010 another go when I have a wheel but I’m not really a fan of it.



    My favourite two are F1 World Grand Prix on Nintendo 64 and Grand Prix 4. F1 World Grand Prix was a really fun game all round – especially the challenge series. But Grand Prix 4 is easily the best F1 game ever. I still don’t think anything has rivalled it as far as physics and realism.



    The best in my opinion is Grand Prix 2, I still play it almost 15 years after I bought it.

    Today I play too the Microprose Grand Prix 1, called the World Circuit a game very advanced to his time (1993).

    Other games that I used to play where:

    – Accolade Grand Prix (the one where we choose between a McLaren, a Williams and a Ferrari in the begining)

    – F1 Domark (the game play is very weak, but to play against other human players is fun)

    – Indy 500 (is not F1, but is very fun, I still didn’t manage to end the 200 miles without crashing, the maximum that I done was 135 laps)

    – Grand Prix 3 (I liked the game, is much better than GP2, but I stopped playing it because the tyre wear is exagerated and anoyed me)

    Grand Prix 4 I never did more than a couple laps because the moding is kind of hard to do.


    Stephen Jones

    F12000.. it was the 2nd game i’d ever bought so i might be a bit biased


    Alianora La Canta

    My favourite F1 game is Grand Prix 3, though I liked F1 Manager by Europress as well.



    I can’t believe nobody’s said this yet. Grand Prix Legends. Epic game that was way ahead of it’s time and INSANELY challenging.



    For me, Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 (1997) was pretty good. It lacked original licences but there were lots of mods (although they were quite hard to download at the time due to the 56kbps modem and a costly dial-up connection :D) and accuracy was comparable to Geoff Crammond’s more famous series.

    I still love Grand Prix 4, actually, and sometimes i still like playing Raikkonen in his rookie year at Sauber, but now rFactor is my main interest when I talk about racing games.



    @matt88 you are the first person i’ve seen who liked Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 other than me! It was far better than people let on, and for the time the damage was great! Sure it was no Grand Prix 2 (or whatever iteration was out then), but my computer struggled with tomb raider let alone something more complex.

    Loved Grand Prix 4 though. Better than anything out today still in my opinion (excluding both iRacing and Rfactor, both of which I have not played)



    I agree with the nominations for Grand Prix 2 and F1 World Grand Prix. Why exactly can’t any modern game have the challenge mode. It can’t be that hard to program either and even with games being released during a season there mostly is enough material for these.

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