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What we would like in F1 2011

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    I know this is probably a little early to be considering this, but what do F1 Fanatic users want from Codemasters F1 2011 game?

    Personally, I really like the 2010 version. Yes there was a lot of bugs, but they fixed a lot of these with the patch.

    I’m looking for more customisation: things such as designing your own helmets, creation of your own team.

    In other areas, I’d like to see closer battles with the computer cars making more daring moves. It is very easier to defend on this game and it shouldn’t be.

    I’d like to see more drastic tyre wear at the end of the tyres life, so if your tyre is red then you should have to go slow to keep on the track.

    Pit stops need to be improved further as I still get hold up when pitting in front of people even if I have space.

    I’d like to see more stats available, such as all lap times, telemetry, things like this. I remember on GP4, you could view everybody’s lap times and break them down into sector times. In qualifying you never get to see your final sector time, and when your engineer says your slow in sector 3, you don’t know by how much.

    As for online, I’d like to see some kind of championship builder, this would mean we could do championships like we have been doing but store the results online.

    I’d really like to know your thoughts and wishes.

    p.s. be as realistic or silly as you like



    My main gripe with F12010 is the practise and qualifying AI. It doesnt bother me that the times are made up, what does bother me is that when I’m out on a hot lap, I come up behiind a car on the racing line doing half my speed. After I’ve zig-zagged round it, it then speeds up to just-faster-than-me speed, hounding my diffuser like it’s trying to chew it off…

    Please Codemasters. Designate the AI cars duwing practise or qualifying as either on an in/out lap, where they are slow, stay slow, and are off the racing line. Or on a hot lap, and are properly racey. Don’t have them yo-yo-ing between the two, getting in my way, and then putting me off when they won’t get off my gearbox.

    I also want some better physics. Having played F12010 for the past month, and then going back to Forza, it makes F12010 seem even more arcadey.


    Stephen Jones

    Helmet Designer, Podiums, Possibly Recon Lap, Warm Up Lap, Safety Car’s..

    More “living the life”.. i want to sit on a packed grid at monaco with my very own helmet sitting next to me, VIP’s everywhere, Grid Girls hanging off the car, and Adrian Newey giving me up to date information from his clipboard moments before the start.

    So yeah, Personnel as per real life (real team principals, engineers, trainer’s etc).

    I want to be able to perform my own personal victory celebration just after i win my home grand prix.

    i agree with the ai.. its pretty horrible during practice, It slows down at weird corners (i.e. T8 Turkey) during racing, and its quite scared to make contact or run anywhere near your car.. it needs an entire overhaul

    The menu system is fine. Maybe a little more paddock to explore, and the option to get out of your car and “walk” (kind of like going from career to main menu in F12010) around the rest of your pits. But the original idea of sitting in the car with the team working around you is fantastic.

    Physics are basically cool with me.. if the AI was harder it would go from a great game, to an awesome game!



    The AI does have a tendancy to bugger about and brake way way too early. I would like more activity down the pit lane, i.e bodies on the pit-wall.



    Lower system requirements. Other than that, I’m fine with everything. I mean it cannot be impossible to allow settings to be set low enough for a three-year old computer.



    No penalty for when Xbox Live trolls brake on straights so YOU get the penalty. Should be the other way around.

    Custom helmets that you can actually see online.

    Choose any car in online races.



    a game without bugs




    -Improved AI. AI is good in F1 2010, but it can always be better.

    -More customisation (i.e.create helmet design, your own driver etc.)

    -Formation lap and safety car which you can turn on and off.

    -Improve “live the life”.


    -24 player races online.

    -More AI retirements.

    -Make the cars more fragile.



    -When you complete a season in career, the teams will have their cars numbered according to the previous season’s results. For instance, I win the title and the following year I am #1.

    -Podium celebrations, not only from the driver’s perspective.

    -The on board cameras seen in replay able to be chosen when driving, and less on boards and more other cameras in replays.



    They need to get the basics right first. Graphic wise, the circuits okay, but compare GT5’s F10 with F1 2010 and the winner would be GT5 every time. It does look arcadey and I hate the engine noise on F1 2010 aswell. something needs to be done about that and the crashes, which are quite frankly, pathetic. I know theres a deal that says that they couldnt create wrecks because it would encourage crashing, but please come on, who cares?

    Another major addition would be the option to save replays, this is where both GT5 and F1 could learn, because GT5 can save replays, but not forward/rewind, wheras f1 can do that but not save replays, that does annoy me, but its the same with other codemasters games aswell. AI definetly needs improving with terrible AI weaving throughout the race, plus AI need to retire more, they only retire if you force a crash. The depth of the game can also be improved, although thats hardly a must. Perhaps a feeder series and pre season testing to find your team could be added to make game life longer.

    The ability to create teams and do challenges would be great, but is unlikely considering contracts and realism respectively. A Safety car would add to realism, but may be too far for the average ‘I want to crash and win’ gamer. F1 2010 was a disappointment for me.



    Thanks for all your responses thus far folks. There are a lot of interesting areas where this game could go.

    I remember lots of people wanted a feeder series of some sorts, and the Codemasters team said that they didn’t have enough time, and they didn’t mention problems with licensing, maybe this is actually a possibility?

    Team moves would be great, but due to licensing, no player came move teams, so I guess this is also linked to the numbers on cars.

    Keep the thoughts coming!



    A more serious answer from me.

    In all honesty, F1 2010 didn’t need that much more to make it a great game, it is very good even despite its terrible bugs. Some things i’d like to see would be:

    1) more lifelike circuits (perhaps laser scanned ones?). No more invisible walls like in Monaco.

    2) the ai being consistent on all circuits

    3) no rubberbanding on the ai

    4) better online matchmaking (ridiculous menu system that takes forever), the ability to be in the lobby for a race (like in grid) and a spectator mode (why on earth they didn’t have this at least is beyond me)

    5) a better damage model

    6) better weather model (i.e. one that actually represents track conditions like what you can see)

    7) no more ridiculous online achievements like the level 50 one.

    Things like team moves etc don’t really bother me. Neither does the live the life feature, i’ve bought a game to race. I want that racing to be good.

    The AI in this game is its biggest weakness. Its really strange though, because on the lower difficulties, like professional, the ai attacks back at you much better than the legendary AI does. Perhaps that was a one off, but i’ve only been legitimately re passed by the ai on the lower difficulties.



    -Weather consistent throughout sessions. It’s not possible that it’s raining in Q1 and in Q2 the track is dry.

    -AIs should let you pass when you are on a flying lap and they aren’t. If they are, they shouldn’t let you pass. And AIs shouldn’t slow down as they do to let you pass and then go even faster than you.



    -A decent motorhome. I don’t believe that small truck is all the drivers have.

    -Customizable helmets including fampus designs.

    -Helmet sponsors change depending on the team.

    -Different helmets shapes: Schuberth, Bell and Arai.

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