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What wheel do you use?

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    so f1 2011 i was happy to play with a pad, but i’m taking 2012 a bit more serious, plus in addition have landed myself the last seat of the drivers line up in a sauber. for the F1F Xbox 360 World Championship! which im excited about (yes im sad lol)
    so seens as a pad isn’t going to cut it, i’m looking for a half decent wheel and pedals. pref with force feed back. there’s so many to choose from, and don’t want to buy a crap one.
    price limit s/h about £80/£100, but please list even if its an expensive one, least i can compare, and maybe stretch to more for a decent one
    so if you could, list what set you have pros/cons and price new, although it’ll more likely be s/h from flea bay, please copy and paste the list below, thanks




    set-up: Logitech G27
    pros: Excellent wheel, can be configured on any racing game and has 900 degrees of rotation, with 3 pedals, a 6-speed gear stick and flappy paddles. Wheel rim is made from genuine hand-stitched leather, and the whole setup has a very solid feel to it. Force feedback is also brilliant. I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s been absolutely flawless, and I’ve heard reports that they last a very long time. Any review you read of the G27 will be singing its praises.
    cons: Only 6 buttons on the wheel itself but that’s more than enough for what I use. There is also a d-pad and 8 buttons on the gear stick. If you want an actual F1 wheel, go for the Thrustmaster T500RS with the Ferrari 150 Italia wheel, but that has a very steep price.
    price: I got mine for around £200, you might be able to get it a bit cheaper.
    comments: Flawless. One of the best wheels on the market, and IMO the best in the affordable price bracket (the prices of those Fanatec wheels are ridiculous).



    I’d be interested in your opinions too… :)



    @mat-k I’d recommend the Logitech G27 as well. I have it along with a playseat evolution. And would say the same as @pielighter However the G27 does not work with the Xbox360 to my understanding and I’m not sure which wheels are compatible with the Xbox 360.



    If you’re on a budget, I’d suggest the Logitech G25. Its basically the same as the G27, but with a few less buttons on the steering wheel. I’ve had mine for the best part of 5 years and its still doing well



    @pimbers4955 @pielighter @paulocreed

    the g25 and g27 is for pc/ps3

    found this oneThrustmaster Ferrari F458 Italia Steering Wheel and Pedals for Xbox 360 and PC


    thoughts? but say 270° steering radius?

    be interested to know what @madmolloy thinks



    I’ve had bad experiences with low-end wheels. I had a cheap Thrustmaster once. Right paddle stopped working almost immediately (I mean, after a couple of clicks) and the left not long after. I’d advise you get at least a G25, but go for a G27 if you can.



    for a xbox?



    @mat-k i think you’d be surprised about our leag…ue. I use a wheel and pedals as do a few others but many including our dominant 2x wdc @lemon use a pad. as does @maddogmolloy and my team mate @strunk27, both of whom are competitive



    thanks jim, im ok with a pad, just want a better in-game experience.
    but to read mad and lemon use a pad im going to hold fire on buying, but still interested in whats on the market,what about the official wheel and pedals?

    what wheel do you use jim?



    what about this ?


    getting mixed reviews across the net



    I invested in a second hand Official MS Wheel from eBay for about £75 about 6 months ago.

    It’s by far the most expensive item I’ve bought off of eBay, but I have to say it’s one of my best purchases ever! It’s worked pretty perfectly since I got it and most games seem to work out of the box with too much faffing around (accept with F1 2012, of course).

    Not sure if I got lucky or what though…



    Im using Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition for pc and im very satisfied with steering wheel’s performance.Furthurmore by the time you are going to play a game,the buttons have already been regulated so you are ready to play any game (Formula 1 2012 etc).Vibration also working great consequently you have a real sensation! It costs 120 euros. http://www.amazon.com/Thrustmaster-Force-Feedback-Clutch-Edition-Steering/dp/B002FYRLLA



    I use a pretty budget one – microcon mc2 wheel. Was about £35. Does a decent job. It’s quite a good wheel, but nothing special.

    I’m definitely better with it than a pad, but not massively.



    our dominant 2x wdc @lemon use a pad.

    @infernojim Perhaps because Codemasters F1 games are designed to be run with a pad? rFactor is certainly one you would use with a wheel.
    Yes, any racing game or sim is better with a wheel, but the Codemasters physics are designed to be forgiving so that pad users will be OK.

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