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What's going to happen when the PS3 championships end

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    As there is 1 round of the official and 3 rounds of the Jr left I was wondering is there going to be like a football style promotion/relegation system or is their something else planned?


    In the nicest possible way, I don’t really think this needed its own thread, to be honest. :) We’ve already got about 50 bajillion Championship threads and I always feel a bit guilty that all the F1 2010 threads seem to be flooding the forum all the time.

    As far as a promotion/relegation system goes, I honestly don’t think that would work. We have too many problems with people not being able to make it to different events for it to be a viable option. Besides, I had only planned to run the Official ‘Collantine Cup’ league over the off-season to provide some of us here with a racing series to concentrate on while there was no real life F1 action to keep us amused. I do plan to run a second season of the ‘Collantine Cup’, but at the same time as this one was – during the off-season. I also plan to run it using F1 2011, which will hopefully be vastly improved and have lots of new features allowing me to make it even better and more interesting. I’m all for doing some stuff during the season until then, I just don’t want to have 3-4 ‘Collantine Cup’ seasons a year, just the one. I just reckon it makes it more special that way.

    In the meantime, I propose that instead of running Championships, which require long-term commitment and effort from everyone, instead we could organise a bunch of casual one-off events – either every race weekend or every non-race weekend. We could have a big all-encompassing thread in which people can arrange casual races set to any specifications. We could even do F1 Calander-specific events – like a 5 lap, 4 race mini championship around Barcalona during the Spanish GP weekend which could be done in one sitting, or even a one-off 50% race using full fuel and tyre simulation. People could pick a car or have one randomly assigned to them, join in when it’s most convenient for them and have a casual blast around the same circuits as the real life F1 guys with their fellow Fanatics. The best thing is that you could pop in and say, ‘Hey, anyone fancy a 7 lap race around Spa tonight?’ and sort it out really easily.

    I just think doing something like that would be more fun and much more managable for everyone, as anyone can turn up and have a go. No concerns about filling up empty seats or what have you.

    If a mod would be so kind as to rename this thread to ‘F1 2010 Casual Racing Thread’ or something, we could start doing that right now in this thread.



    K thanks for clearing that up


    Ned Flanders

    What’s going to happen when the PS3 championships end? The world will self destruct!

    As usual, I agree with the Geoffmeister. I think lots of one off races are the way to go, keep the Collantine Cup an off season tournament. And, who knows, maybe F1 2011 will feature 24 car multiplayer?



    Yeah that would be great if that happened Ned and I agree with the once a year thing. Just that I’ve been hearing all sorts of things would be happening and I didn’t know what to believe but the online championships have been a great idea for greeting rid of the boredom in the off season.



    I won’t be doing another tournament besides the Official one with Mag. Which might I add I am putting my name down for already!!!!!!

    Casual races I am definitely up for though.



    I am offering an alternative championship, “The Hardcore Cup.” As the name implies, it has much stricter rules and the goal is to provide a more “realistic” and challenging driving experience.



    That sounds like a nice idea, but I already drive ‘aidless’ anyway and it’s good to leave some driving aids available for people like damonsmedley who wouldn’t have a chance of keeping up with me otherwise…

    (Excuse from Damon about how ‘the triggers don’t have enough travel’ in 3…2…1…)



    Great post Geoffrey, i think this is the best way forward, a championship is great but to be roped in for an entire season is not a great way.

    I would like to see someone say , anyone wanna race tonight in …., great so if im availavle ill come , if im not i wont (obvious).



    irishlad, you can add me, I’m colinff on the PS3



    Geoffrey, I’d love to see you in the Hardcore Cup. Why don’t you have a go at it? There are still 10 spots =p


    Stephen Jones

    yeaah damons not going to like this..

    just throw some fuel on the fire for brasil



    Hmmmm… You guys aren’t implying that all the aids are going to be banned in Brazil, I hope? :S Anyway, I only use traction control and ABS (as well as the pit things). But I have been doing a fair bit of practice without traction control, and I think if you guys did do it then I could still get the title. And Magnificent, you’re trying to intimidate me? Are you saying my excuse is not legitimate? :P



    I can drive with out abs and tc with a controller fine damon :P admittedly I do use tc in the championship to reduce my mistakes but I can get the car around the track in a respectable time with out it :) but I dont go as far as using manual gears, I concentrate too much on changing gears that I go off at every corner, or end up causing turn 1 mayhem



    Let’s see some people put their money where their mouth is and sign up for the Hardcore Cup. I want to get a full roster.

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