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What’s your favorite driving wheel for PS3?

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    I want to get a wheel for my PS3 but wanted read your opinions and preferences before I buy. Thanx =)



    The Logitech G27 is probably the best bang for the buck you’ll find out there. It also work for PC which is a bonus. I have one, with a playseat. I have a few issues with the playseat but nonetheless it’s great for the price and really fun.



    Yep, I have the Logitech G27 and have used a few others, nothing comes close in all honesty!



    I highly recommend the Fanatec GT2, great wheel.



    I ordered the Logitech PS3 Driving Force GT wheel along with rFactor, GTR Evo, and Richard Burns rally about a day ago. I would agree the G27 is probably the best way to go, but it’s kind of expensive. Mine hasn’t shipped yet, so i’ll let you know in a couple of days if it’s any good.



    @damionshadows and how did it go?

    I’m going to buy a racing set up. PS3, few racing games, playseat and steering wheel. So I’m looking around.

    @paulocreed What issues did you have with the Playseat?


    sam eras

    that is goood



    I think the G27 gives you the best bang for the buck, but there are better wheels out there.



    @hare It’s mainly just the way the chassis is. There’s this bar that’s in the center for the steering wheel and it sort of blocks the pedals. You’ll see what I mean if you look it up on youtube. I personally don’t like the seat position either so I took out the “seat” pillow that’s given and made my own.



    The Logitech Driving Force GT wheel is really good. There are probably better ones out there, but it was great value for money and a sturdy piece of kit too. I’d highly recommend it.



    @hare Whoops, it took a little more than a couple of days :) The Driving Force wheel hasn’t given me any problems. rFactor and RBR have a few issues with button mapping where everytime you start the game you have to reset them, but the wheel and pedals work flawlessly.

    I haven’t tried it with Gran Turismo 5 or any PS3 games, but it should work fine since it was made for GT5. At some point I plan on buying a second hand car seat and building my own setup and maybe joining iRacing or something similar and giving it a decent try!



    @spud On Amazon it says the GT is made specifically for GT5. How does it fare with F1 2011? Does it work just as well? Are there any niggly little glitches that you have found?



    @jonnyw360f1 I think that’s true that it was made for GT5 but it works very well with F1 2011. I have found no glitches at all with mine. As far as I’m aware, @damonsmedley has the same wheel as I do, and you know from racing him in the Collantine Cup, it seems to work quite well for him (to say the least!). It’s not very expensive at all. I really can’t fault it. For me, it has made gaming massively more fun, so I’d highly recommend investing in one.



    @Spud @jonnyw360f1 One advantage the DFGT has over the G27s and G25s is that the paddles are located on the back of the part of the wheel that spins as you turn. So you don’t have to move your hands to shift when going through corners as the paddles are right under your fingers.

    Jonny, watch this video for a decent look at how it works! (Excuse my terrible driving)



    Yeah the DFGT is generally recognised as the best budget alternative to a G27/Fanatec. I use a G25 and my brother has a G27, the G27 has a much smoother wheel action (this might be due to the 25 being a few years older), but it lacks a sequential shifter which I use a lot in slower cars. The G27 also has 4 more buttons on the wheel which can come in handy.

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