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F1F Formula One PS3 Winter World Championship

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    Bradley Downton

    So, this is the new thread.

    Current Confirmed Drivers:
    1. ed24f1 (Champion)
    3. colinf
    6. Asanator
    7. f199player
    9. Brooksy007
    10. RoboCAT
    13. Bradley1314
    16. olliekart
    20. ayrtonsenna01
    21. Formula-1

    To be Confirmed Drivers:
    4. @ryanmack09
    8. @shyguy1992
    11. @roberttty
    TBC. @moss-611
    TBC. @midgetiser

    Not Entered:
    2. jt19

    I know JT has done a calendar and we will stick to this (although there will be some amendments due to the it having started 2 weeks ago :/ aha)
    I will also be doing car selections again, so, once we have 10 confirmed entries, the car select process will open again. Apologies for this guys, but it’s easier for me to start afresh.

    Also i would like to announce the new Team’s Championship that i am dragging over from the ‘In-Season’ championship. Team’s will be:
    Rosso Bull Formula One Team (Red Bull and Toro Rosso)
    Lotus Renault GP (Renault and Lotus)
    McLaren Mercedes F1 (McLaren and Mercedes)
    Sauber Ferrari Motorsport (Sauber and Ferrari)
    Virgin Williams F1 Team (Virgin and Williams)
    Force India Spanish National Team (Force India and Hispania)

    However only 2 cars from each team will score points. These will be the two highest points scorers from that team per race. If only one car scores points, these are the only ones that will count, if no cars enter, the team score no points for that race.

    Once enough people have been signed up, the cars will be chosen in the order of last year’s championship results, (ie ed24f1 first, etc).

    I would also like to say, this is a championship for FUN, not winning. While winning is nice a lot of people in my ‘In-season’ championship this year, me included, have whinged and moaned at some point. I vow to stop this. What happens on the track happens and stays on the track. I do not want moaning or whinging. In Mag G’s championship there is very little running into one another or moaning, which is why i would also like to confirm that damage will be dropped from Full to Cosmetic.

    Me and Mag have also agreed that, in the interest of fairness, priority for remaining places will be given to those who are not currently involved in any similar championships.


    I just want to point out that I’ve been consulting with Bradley about this and I fully support the formation of this series as an evolution of the old ‘Junior’ series. I believe Bradley will be able to organise a great series and wish him luck in doing so.

    I’m not going to have anything to do with it myself and I’ll leave it to him and the rest of you to sort out, but hopefully this will provide those who weren’t able to secure a place in the Collantine Cup an opportunity to race with others in a fun environment.



    I’m gonna be the first to “whinge” – although this is a legitimate question:

    Why can’t we just have 8 teams as they are in real life? Sure you’ve got to co-ordinate the pit-stops, but that’s all about being teammates.

    Otherwise, I’m thoroughly looking forward to this :) I think the damage change, despite losing realism, does promote good and fun racing!


    Bradley Downton

    Because this way, i am not just eliminating four teams and i am giving everyone the chance to chose whichever car they want :)

    The aim of this is to be all about FUN. Not realism, we had that, too much of it in the in-season league, and i want to move away from it.



    I’m in, Btw you should of called this F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship Asia Series lol


    Bradley Downton

    Nah, that flopped ;) aha, plus we dont just race in Asia lol


    Nic Morley

    I’m still in with… Red Bull.

    I don’t think we should have to slect out car all over again. People who do not confirm themselves should just be replaced by people coming on to this thread who want a drive. Other’s who have confirmed there own spot in a car/team should not have to pay the price just because the other’s won’t confirm themselves.

    Well that’s how I feel anyway. I would be annoyed if I was somehow put down in Force India when I had originally selected Red Bull.


    Nic Morley

    Also I’m not to keen on the idea that oly the top guys in the team at a race can score point’s. Say I’m in a team with Moss and Brooksy for example; you may not even bother racing. Likelyhood is that they will alway’s beat you; therefor eliminating and possible chance of points you can get.

    I think if you finish in a solid 8th position with two teamates ahead you should get as much right to put those points to your tally.

    Other then those two thing’s I don;t like to much, I;m very keen to start racing again! :)



    I, @roberttty, will like to put myself put on the waiting list for the time being.

    For one reason, I have not purchased the game F1-2011 yet! haha!


    Bradley Downton

    @robocat – I take your points, especially about the teams, but i do first want to see what car everyone’s preference is. With regards to your second point, by ‘only the top two drivers from that team will score points’, i mean in the Constructuors Championship. All drivers that score points will have points that go towards the Drivers Championship but only the top two cars from each team will have points that go towards the Constuctors, so that outnumbered teams aren’t as unfairly treated. I apologise for not making this clear enough.

    @roberttty – Thank you very much for your reply. I personally, sincerely hope you can purchase the game in time :).

    To all: @ed24f1, @colinf, @asanator, @f199player, @brooksy007, @robocat, @olliekart, @ayrtonsenna01, @formula-1

    Can you all please post your version of the following:
    Previous Chosen Team Under JT’s running: Renault (If you were NOT entered under JT’s running, please post ‘N/A’ here)
    First Choice: McLaren
    Second Choice: Sauber
    Third Choice: Renault



    All good stuff.

    I didn’t choose my team for lasts year and got what was left (Force India) as I was offline for a couple of months so I would like to choose if possible, I did compete in last years championship.
    1st: Ferrari
    2nd: Mclaren
    3rd: Renault

    Looking forward to it, lets have some good clean racing!! Is there going to be some sort of complaints/stewarding like they seem to have on some of the other championships? I’m not saying that I particularly want it, I don’t film my races anyway. In the interests of clarity. Hopefully it is unnecessary.


    Oli Peacock

    Previous Chosen Team Under JT’s running: Did one race at Spa in Sauber
    First Choice: McLaren
    Second Choice: Williams
    Third Choice: Renault



    Previous Chosen Team Under JT’s running: Lotus
    First Choice: Red Bull
    Second Choice: Mercedes
    Third Choice: Sauber




    It has been confirmed today that Jamie Taylor @jt19 will be taking a year out of Formula 1 to ‘refresh and charge’ his batteries. The 22 year old said his first year in the tournament combined with the F1F series has resulted in him becoming fatigued and worn out, therefore taking a year out in the series.

    The former McLaren driver finished runner-up last year in controversial style due to a mix up in who had really won the Canadian GP, @ed24f1 eventually becoming the winner. @jt19 thought he actually won the race when his screen said he was 1st until the chequered flag came down, when it actually read as @ed24f1 as in 1st place. This was due to terrible lag, and no-one knew where any car was on the track while racing.

    “I had a great first year in this tournament, a real good’un. I would never had thought I would of finished 2nd place overall. I was leading the championship in some stages but I knew I would of had a fight on my hands with @ed24f1, and thats exactly what happened. In one season I have won 3 races (Abu Dhabi, Turkey in JNR series, Germany in F1F series) and I am pleased with that. I am also happy with the way I drove, I don’t think I hindered anyones race in the past.”

    Talking about a comeback next year, he said it’s a possibility, “Who knows? If I am ready and charged for next year, then it is a possibility, providing that if anyone wants to sign me up, that’s for sure! I want to come back like I did in the first championship, to be a permanent fixture on the podium, not someone who will languish at the bottom to collect a few points.”

    It is also been understood that @jt19 has praised @bradley13 for taking over in such short notice and has said he is doing a ‘great job for the good of the sport.’


    Bradley Downton

    @asanator – We do have a system but in our ‘In-Season’ championship i feel it has been overused. The idea of turning damage off is suppsoed to provide more clean racing. Everyone in the collantine cup is clean and from the video’s there is maybe one or two incidents per race. This is what im working towards.
    @jt19 – thats a shame mate, but thank you :), and nice little story :P aha

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