F1 in Pubs

F1 in NYC Pubs

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    F1 has been on “pay tv” for a long time here in the states. Most people dont mind because 99% Pay for Cable TV. Infact, very few people still know that TV broadcasts can be had for free over the airwaves. This means, if you’re in good at your local spot, you might be able to get them to switch a screen to SpeedTV. Ive done that more that once.

    That said, I know of one bar that officially advertises the showing of all F1 races. When the timing is right(not 4am start), I like to watch F1 at Feile on 33st between 7th and 6th in Manhattan. Its a few steps away from Penn Station/MSG, and well situation to other forms of transit.
    Beer selection is great(for the location), Food and service are both good, but if you’re not used to NYC prices, it will seem expensive

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