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F1 in Pubs: Birmingham – Malaysian Grand Prix

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    F1 in Brum

    Many thanks to the 40+ fans who joined us in Birmingham for the Australian GP. Great to meet so many local (and less local!) enthusiasts.

    The Malaysian GP will be shown live at Apres Summer Row on Sunday 25th March – again, hot drinks and breakfasts are available as well as a selection of delicious breakfast beers.

    We work out that the race will start at 9am, based on the clocks going forward Saturday night / Sunday morning. The bar will therefore open at 8am for the build-up to the race.

    Again, there will be a raffle prize provided by STP / Armor All.
    Parking is free on the streets around the bar.
    Please show your appreciation to the bar staff.
    If you need a lift or can offer one, why not post here?

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