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    F1 in Brum

    Hi everyone.

    Those who attended the Australian GP event will know it went well, I counted nearly 50 of us getting up in the wee small hours of the morning to feed our F1 passion, and that was before the race!
    Thanks to you all.

    However, the F1 world moves on quickly so whatever your thoughts on Kimi’s win, Hamilton’s resurgence or Mclarens’s woes, you have a chance to put that all behind you already at this weekends Malaysian Grand Prix. And we all know Malaysia brings with it guaranteed rain!

    This time the race is at the slightly less impossible hour of 8:00am and we’re kindly being allowed in to Apres from 7:30am.
    For those who don’t know, Apres Bar (www.apresbars.com) is located on Summer Row, round the back of Broad St and close to the town hall.

    Any questions on the event or how to get there, feel free to tweet me at @f1inbrum or you can e-mail f1inbrum@gmail.com
    Or reply here.
    Or add our Facebook group.
    Or come and ask.
    No, you can’t phone me, leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!

    As ever the bar will be fully open for your drinking and eating pleasure and all the usual sideshows will be in effect, the raffle, the podcast, all that polava that you’re welcome to take in as much or little involvement in as you’d like.

    Hopefully we’ll see you on Sunday again, and we also hope it WILL rain!

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