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F1InPubs returns to Birmingham

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    F1 in Brum

    Hello everyone, with the return of the F1 season (at last!) also comes the return of the F1 In Pubs events around the country.

    This year our Birmingham event will take place once again at the Apres Bar in Summer Row (www.apresbars.com ) at 5:30am on Sunday morning and will once again host a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you’re invited to meet fellow fans, chat, drink, eat, take part in our raffle, tweet using the hashtag #f1inpubs and….oh yes, watch the race

    There’ll also be a chance to join our traditional podcast before and after the race (and during, if there’s any SC periods!) if you’re desperate to get your opinions heard, so watch out for that one!

    Please let us know you’re coming by sending a message to our facebook group (www.facebook.com/f1inpubs) or sending a message to @f1inbrum on Twitter

    Or if you’re not in the local Birmingham area head to our website http://www.f1inpubs.co.uk and look for a pub closer to you showing the race.
    (Scottish fans may have to wait until the European season for their events due to local licencing laws)
    See you there, lets get ready to eat, drink and be racy!


    Christopher Woods

    Alright, so I’m in – should be a good craic. What’s the etiquette on showing up, will you all be there 5:30am sharp? ;-) or will it be last straggler in buys the breakfasts…

    Also I’m a few miles outside the town off the Wolverhampton New Road, if anyone’s desparate for a car pool at the stupidly antisocial hour drop me a line by email (christopherwoods@gmail.com).

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