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Riley’s Sports Bar – London

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    So the dreaded Sports Cafe has been replaced by a members only club called Riley’s (there is no apostrophe in the logo or web address, but I’ll assume it should be there – http://www.rileys.co.uk/)

    Membership fees seem to depend on the “club” you want to join (confusingly not expanded), or free online (does that mean if you give them your email address, you can just walk in)?

    Anyway, anyone know anything about the place? Worth joining? Obviously we won’t know until next year how they handle the F1 coverage, but would be interested to hear any early opinions of the atmosphere in general.


    Mr Johann

    Just to confirm that I went in here recently and they weren’t showing the F1. Still have the Williams car suspended from the roof but none of the Staff were even aware what F1 was. Sad loss.

    So pretty stuck for F1 in London full stop now :(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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