11 Rules changes for 2011

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    The FIA have changed 11 rules for 2011.




    All of them more or less expected I believe – though continuing on from some article comments, there does seem a rather massive loophole when it comes to f-ducts operated by simple wind pressure (i.e. once there is sufficient force on a flap, it springs back to open a duct stalling the rear wing – though I’m sufficiently naive with regards to aerodynamics and mechanics to know if this would ever work!).

    I’m also guessing the “Competitor’s Staff” FIA Licence is to do with the uproar at the beginning of the season over driver’s physios/trainers not being allowed on to the grid?



    Or even F-ducts operated by moving a piece of bodywork through pushing a button for extra overtaking speed.

    I am really curious to what extent will the “adjustable bodywork” be stretched before the FIA or FOTA come up with a stop gap solution to make it do what they intended to. Now it seems to offer a very wide range of things moving.



    The ‘competitiors staff’ FIA licence stems from the fact that they were not able to ban pat symonds or flavio briatore because they had no legal power to do so.



    Ah ok, thanks newnhamlea1 – can’t believe I forgot about that complete emasculation of the FIA’s authority! And BasCB, presumably as the electronics system for the adjustable bodywork will be controlled by an automatic system specified by the FIA, they’ll simply design it so it’ll only work in conjunction with the rear wing? They surely can’t be that idiotic after all the rules we’ve already had clarified this year? Admittedly, those clarifications were sporting and not technical, but come on!



    The idea of a flap is already banned under “movable aerodynamic device”, a broad topic which covers fans, moveable side skirts, tuned mass-dampers, flexi-wings, flap-operated F-Ducts, etc. etc.. It is because of this existing rule that the air operated F-Duct is in existence.


    Keith Collantine
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