2009 season

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    My favourite year, really enjoyed it, some great races aswell, Spa, Australia, China, Germany



    I liked how the whole field was very close, which lead to many different drivers and teams on the podium. The races you mentioned were very enjoyable, I also enjoyed Brazil, Italy, Malaysia (before it was red flagged) and unlike others I personally enjoyed Singapore that year.

    However for me it wasn’t the best season (2006 for me). The championship battle stunk and there were also a few dull races.



    2009 was my worst year.

    But the Australian GP was a great race, it felt so surreal because it was the first time I did an “all-nighter” just to watch it and the first time I watched it on the BBC. Also, the tyres lasted for 5 laps (LOL) and there were some crashes and the shake-up of teams.



    09 was one of my least favourite years. Generally, qualifying was excellent but the races were often dreadful.



    I thought 2009 was an alright season, only having started watching Formula One in 2007 and properly following it and supporting drivers and teams in 2008.

    2009 had good races, many drivers on the podium. The cars were contrasting and refuelling was still part of the strategy of the races.

    2009 was also the first time I went to a Grand Prix, and although the British Grand Prix from a racing point of view was unspectacular. Being at Silverstone and seeing it unfold in front of my eyes was somewhat amazing. I went back this year mainly because of the atmosphere.

    2009 was also the last time I felt that ‘fizz’ feeling that happened in the 2008 season.



    2009 was the first ever time I decided to sit down and actually watch an F1 race, rather than just having it keep the TV warm, so naturally i’m going to be a little biased.

    I think what captivated me was how these guys had risen like a phoenix (Brawn GP) with this revolutionary aero gizmo (double-diffuser) and dominated the first third of the season. Taking a piece of metal or carbon fibre and shaping it such a way to provide such dominance leaves me in awe to this day.



    @slr I enjoyed Singapore in 2009, the Grosjean crash was ironic. Belgium though, I think there were at least 5 drivers with a shout of third throughout the race and Fisichella was quicker than Kimi



    2009 has to be one of the most over-rated seasons ever. Most of the races were really dull and average at best. Only the first few and Brazil were really much good to watch in their entirety. But the results were really interesting, which I guess says a lot about the “exciting races v exciting championship” debate in “what makes a good season?”



    @damonsmedley i thought germany was pretty good, it was one of the close ones,



    But the results were really interesting, which I guess says a lot about the “exciting races v exciting championship” debate in “what makes a good season?”

    Hit. Nail. On. Head.



    Absolutely- if the championship of 2010 was combined with the racing of 2011 (at least the first 2/3 of the season) then it would be unbeatable.

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