2010 FOTA F1 Survey – Results

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    I’m sure many of you will remember that, earlier in the year, FOTA launched a fan survey about F1.

    The results from that survey have now been published and can be found by clicking the following link. It is in PDF format.


    Some interesting feedback there. Now that it’s absolutely clear what the fans want, let’s hope they act upon it.



    yeah reading it now! what does weighted and unweighted mean? the two results are massively different in some cases…



    I was wondering that myself actually. I took unweighted to mean the overall result and weighted to mean just a selection (possibly of only those who said they are an avid follower?).



    To answer the questions about the weighted/unweighted matter i go into an excursion into statistics used in marketing.

    When taking a sample, one has to consider how representive this is for the population studied. Therefore they use reviews of the percentages of males, females, asian, european, american etc. viewing F1 and recalculate questions answered in a way to make the results fit with reality.

    If I get it, this means that a lot of avid fans answered in the poll, their answers are weighted less than 1 vote each as they were overpresented in the “sample” of people who filled in the survey, compared to the actual F1 viewers/followers.

    they “explain” it here (only understandable with background knowledge)

    The resulting sample was

    weighted to reflect the Formula One viewing profile (using IFM Sports Marketing Surveys audience data as in the FOTA

    2009 study) to achieve a fully representative F1 Fan Survey. This included weighting by country, gender, age and

    interest in Formula One.



    Interesting to see, that there is a pretty large avid fan base in the Americas. But they would have to be, wouldn’t they? Only 1 or 2 races a year, apart from the Brazillians, there are no local drivers competing and the TV-times are far from main stream.

    It does give hope, that F1 can be more popular in America, if they (the teams) listen to the results of the survey and act on it. That would mean finding new ways to be innovative and high tech, but more importantly start interacting with the fans.

    I think McLaren is actually starting to do this with their new website and the new teams Lotus, to a lesser extent Virgin, but also Force India are doing so with regular communication through Twitter and interesting web sites.

    But the teams should improve on that and actually start showing some of the technology behind it during race weekends for willing fans (Button/Hamilton/Kovalaiinen/Massa/Schumi, or Ross Brawn …) showing fans around would be great). And make a better show of the weekends for better money.

    Why does nobody go to more than 2 events a year and a lot of fans have never been to a race? Because nobody is rich enough to do that!



    “Interesting to see, that there is a pretty large avid fan base in the Americas. But they would have to be, wouldn’t they? Only 1 or 2 races a year, apart from the Brazillians, there are no local drivers competing and the TV-times are far from main stream.”

    I must say that I was pretty surpried that only 12% of the avid fans were Americans. I hoped for more.

    But then, thinking a little bit about it, it makes sense. Here in Brazil, F1 popularity hasn’t been the same since Senna, and even though we had Massa and Barrichello fighting for titles recently, it gets completely overshadowed in the media by football. Most Brazilian F1 websites are untrustworthy and they generally make terrible translations from articles on GPUpdate or Autosport, so we are kinda trapped about F1 information here. How would people who don’t speak english be ‘avid fans’? I think they could take the survey (don’t remember if there were different languages to chose from), but probably no one even took notice of it, as I don’t remember it being medioned on the brazilian websites. We don’t get boardcasts of free practices, of post-race press conferences and the TV won’t boardcast F1 until 10 minutes before quali and the race. I don’t know about the spanish-speaking countries here in South America, but since they have almost no history in F1 (except Argentina and Colombia) I can’t picture a better situation.

    So, putting these facts together:

    – Only one race in America at the time of survey

    – Poor local media coverage [at least here in Brazil]

    – Almost all races either early in the morning or before dawn [a even worse problem in USA/Canada west coast]

    – No F1 history in most Latin American countries

    – General lack of interest and coverage in USA

    – No American, Canadian, Mexican or Argentinean drivers

    – “Avid fans” who don’t speak english probably didn’t know of the survey

    It’s not a surprise there is so few ‘avid fans’ here in the Americas



    Interesting reading. It kind of reflect the feelings of most people on this website from what I gather.

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