2010 Season Highlights

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    What are you top highlights of this season? I intend this thread to exist AFTER the finale.

    My top highlights are:

    – Hungry : Schumacher pushing Rubens in to the wall, Rubens pulling the move off.

    – Turkey : Vettel hitting Webber

    – Australia : Jenson Button winning his first race of the season, after everyone said he was gonna be trounced by Lewis.

    I’m sure, depending on your own leanings you’ll have your own views very different from mine :D



    Australia: Alonso P4 and Hamilton P5 on much better tyres trying to force his way through.Alonso defends and forces Hamilton into tyre lockout and losing secs.

    Turkey: Red Bull selfdestruction. I lol’ed. Also a nice fight from Hamilton and Button near the end.

    Monaco: Schumacher overtaking Alonso in the last secs of the race, after the safety car.

    Korea: Webber going wide and Vettel engine blasting. I lol’ed again.



    Korea: all of it was awesome. Quite possibly my favourite grand prix of all time.

    China: When Button, Rosberg and Kubica were a minute ahead of the whole field after staying out on slicks.

    Abu Dhabi: Either Alonso will win which will make it a favourite of mine, or he’ll lose the title in a dramatic fashion. Either way it’ll be a highlight



    Interlargos – Hulk on Pole, loved to see williams up there.

    Valencia – Webbers big crash.



    Let the race in ABu Dhabi finish !

    But so far the Turkey incident between the two Bulls & Schumacher in Hungary squeezing Barrichello are the best.


    Stephen Jones

    Canada – All the tyre troubles, then a mclaren, ferrari and an str! going 3 wide into the wall of champions


    Dan Thorn

    Hulkenbergs pole was the best moment by some margin. It’s been a while since I was that excited.

    Button’s two wins early in the season were great, and Singapore was quite tense; I enjoyed that.

    Schumacher and Barrichello in Hungary was brilliant as well, I sense that’ll become an iconic image…



    I have to agree, Hulkenburg’s pole.

    Alonso, Rosberg and Massa dicing for track position today was quite fun too, I was convinced they’d miss the cut-off.



    Korea- it was one of my favourite GPs ever but it gave me one of the moments of the season not for its action but for Alonso’s laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C-HA9ie2Lw

    Monza- Button was tremendous that weekend and could so easily have won but seeing Alonso on pole then him winning and Felipe 3rd at Monza was magical. My favourite track, favourite team and favourite drivers agve me a good show and it was a Ferrari vs Mclaren fight which I always enjoy :)

    Bahrain qualifying- for Massa to come back after the injury and outqualify Alonso was just a magnificent feeling for me. Germany before the switch was also beautiful to watch for me. Even now I’m just happy he showed he can lead a race again.

    Hulk’s pole.

    Turkey was fun. It was Ferrari’s 800th race and I do believe that old Enzo was looking down and thought “well if the red cars can’t win then these new boys certainly aren’t” and boom! :P just kidding but I did love the drama. If it had been the Ferrari drivers I admit I’d be saying it was the worst moment ever :P



    Bahrain – Alonso signing fastest laps in succession.

    Australia – Hamilton-Webber collision.

    Monaco – Trulli-Chandhok collision.

    Turkey – Vettel-Webber collision.

    Germany – Start (Massa overtaking Vettel and Alonso too)

    Belgium – Last corner of 1st lap chaos.

    Italy – Alonso exiting the pits in front of Nutton.

    Singapore – Alonso running by Kovalainen’s car in flames very closely followed by Vettel.

    South Korea – Alonso overtakes Vettel at the first turn.

    Abu Dhabi – Alonso wins WDC. XD

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