2011 F1 car spy shots

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    This thread is for anyone who has any information, pictures and other things about all the teams 2011 cars.

    I want to start off with what isn’t Mercedes Gp’s 2011 car but instead a part of it in one of this years practice sessions on the 2010 car. It is a picture of lots of new parts for the Korea race, yet they said mid way through the season that they had stop development for this years car. Are these parts of the 2011 challenger.

    Here is the link to the website below:


    The pictures are a few posts down the page.

    So, if anyone else has any information or pictures, please post a comment.



    Waiting for the generic all black liveried Williams that usually appears.



    Or the extremely blurry picture from Mclaren showing the new tub being crafted from carbon fibre – I beleive it has been released already. :P

    Last year was good, we got the Ferrari and Williams in race livery a couple of days before launch. :D



    — Double post —



    Following the link, it occurred to me how the name of the new Mercedes, W02, looks the same as what we Dutch use to refer to the 2nd World War (WO2). Strange to see a streamlined black and silver German machine with W02 in the caption….

    I’m not out for a serious scrap here! it’s just something I noticed ;) Peace to all :)



    I know some Dutch people, i’ll ask them if they have noticed that.



    Sauber Sidepods are found in these pictures. Its only a mock up chasis but its exactly the same as the real thing so I assume this is how the sidepods really will look like.


    Also, Ive noticed that in the Renault driver seat fitting pictures, the Renault has a very narrow Airbox (or whatever its called). See for your selves.


    and finally, more news on the R31, this is from F1 Technicals forums.

    “Firstly it appears to be a clean sheet on the chassis side, the nose is distinctly more “V” shaped, I’m told the shape resembles the B192 with a rounded underside and flatter top.

    As mentioned earlier (and in my autosport.com post) the KERS batteries are in the sidepods and this lifts the radiator inlets upwards into a McLaren like shape.

    No word on the Gearboxsuspension layout, although Lotus heading for Red Bull may suggest Pullrod is not on the cards. Renaults 2010 car shifted the rockers & dampers towards the front of the case, this makes them sit neatly in the shadow behind the engineairbox. So they might not need the access issues of pullrod.”

    thats all from me!



    Possible First sketches of F11 (Ferrari)!!!!

    Anyone care to translate whats in the box? I get that Posible Diseno means possible design but I mean the rest.

    Link: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.marca.com%2F2010%2F12%2F18%2Fmotor%2Fformula1%2F1292688236.html%3Fa%3D29ca9a3ce07b70c15cf79c57a882ac11%26t%3D1293227814&act=url

    And yeah, it looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!



    Well nice job polishboy, not sure how reliable those are or arn’t but it’s always good to get your fix.

    Must say that Ferrari looks a bit samey. They’ll be going for evolution then, if thats the case.


    Stephen Jones

    the sidepods are kinda wide.. plus the extended “shark fin” kinda thing looks cool.

    New rules prevent it from touching the rear wing, so a floating shark fin/tail..




    According to this webiste, Mercedes will have to go back to a normal airbox…


    Picture explaining ban




    I think the Renault used for seat fitting is just an old car, with a cockpit adapted to the measures of the most recent regulations.




    Ferrari’s objective in 2011: copying is enough, then evolve during the season. They need to keep consistent in design, continuing what they started. Ferrari did it between 2000 and 2004, the five winning years during which it was the target of the other teams, that copied year by year the best Red cars, that permitted the conquest of 14 world titles in the past 11 years. Since 2009 Ferrari lost this route and would like to follow it again. To do so, at Maranello they want a competitive car since the first race, without the lackings of this year (2010). They are finishing the vehicle, and little more than a month is needed before it sees the light, and it is believed that by the 25th January it will be ready. With the new rules already made clear, the Scuderia want the new single-seater, that we’ll see if it will be called F2011 or F11, to be able to distinguish itself from its rivals, majorly in the middle and final section, in the new rear wing section, where the most innovations will be included.



    Thanks Fixy! If that is official, then the Ferrari will be my favorite car of 2011! But it is most likely BS.



    You’re welcome. It took me a bit, but I’m proud of having contributed. And I found that, depending on which drawing you click on, another text appears… but I guess the message is the same.

    P.S.: What is BS?

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