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    I would like Sauber to use a blue-light blue-yellow-white livery like in the early 2000s.



    Now that the 2010 season is over and the teams prepare their 2011 car designs, I wondered if the F1Fanatic community could come up with any liveries of their own for next season. So get out your favourite graphics program, and post your images here!

    To start things off, Team Lotus/Lotus Racing/1 Malaysia or whoever have announced they will be switching to the other classic Lotus livery. As this happens to be a personal favourite I thought I would do a quick edit of their current car in those old school colours:




    I think we should pool our money and buy out HRT (it should only cost about a fiver) then use Ned’s okiley-dokiley livery on the car.



    Forget the JPS rubbish, let’s go Essex! http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/1765/essex.jpg

    We’d be confusing them for Red Bulls though.

    I once saw a current McLaren painted in the West colour scheme that looked great but like an idiot I never saved it.

    What I’d like McLaren to do actually is have the whole car white with the wings red, a throwback to the old livery and incidentally the polar opposite of Ferrari’s!

    Actually, something rather like this: http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/9025/mclarenwhitebysonic2k.png



    Of the current teams, the only cars that are likely to have different liveries are Lotus(for definite), Renault (for sponsorship), Hispania (if they even bother) and Sauber (who ran the BMW livery this year). I can see Renault being Green, for stupid, but obvious reasons, Hispania not even bothering (if they did, maybe pink to stand out) and Sauber might go all Mexican on us and have Sombrero’s all over the car with a red, white and green livery.

    I also hope Mercedes go SILVER, not GREY. The Colour blinded idiots ruined what could have been a decent livery.



    Well, Telmex should be Sauber’s primary sponsor so expect light blue, white, black and silver from them.

    Would love to see McLaren go back to red-and-white but it’s never going to happen. They’re silver for good now.

    RBS are pulling out of F1 sponsorship so we could maybe expect a change from Williams’s blue-and-white colourscheme.



    Every year this is one of my favorite topics! Your JPS Lotus is fantastic invoke. Got anything else?



    You mean like this (http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/z6_9lR.jpg) Icthyes? It’s an F1 2010 in-game shot, but I liked it the moment I saw it :)



    The one I saw was quite similar, basically it was black on the bottom and then faded into the silver.



    Invoke thats some really high quality photoshoping there. Moar?

    Just go mad, stick any old livery on any old car.



    You guys are fairly handy with the photoshopping there. That JPS style livery is sweet!!



    I’m useless at graphics, so I’m not even going to try and produce something. What I will say through is that I can’t wait to see the new Lotus livery. And if it were up to me, McLaren would still be sponsored by West, just so we could have that black and white again.



    Ahh I wish I still had Photoshop to play with. I love the Lotus at the top, and agree that Mclaren should switch to white livery with Vodefone obviously playing it’s part as a title sponsor – but maybe ditch the orange-red and give it more of a darker, bloody red against the white!


    Ned Flanders

    Is there anyone out there who could somehow photoshop my Flanders F1 livery onto a proper car? I’d try it myself but I wouldn’t have a clue!



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