2011 – Revenge of the beaten teammates

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    2010 showed us some epic battles between teammates, and had some driver pairings that I never thought I’d see. There were some big surprises… such as Rosberg destroying Schumacher, as well as Alonso convincingly out pacing Massa. But there were drivers who did better than many expected.. such as Button and Webber.

    Which beaten teammate do you think will step up next year? Or which will get left behind in their teammate’s shadows?

    Alonso – Massa

    Vettel – Webber

    Hamilton – Button

    Rosberg – Schumacher

    What do you guys think?


    Tom L.

    I can see Hamilton continuing to outpace Button, particularly as the new Pirellis are said to be oversteery. Conversely, this could help Schumacher catch up to Rosberg and might help Massa heat his tyres up more easily in qualifying (on the other hand, I’ve also heard Alonso prefers an oversteery set-up…)

    If the new Lotus (or whatever it ends up being called) is a good step-up from last year, I can see Trulli having a much better year than this last one. He said this car didn’t suit his style, and yet in qualifying at least, if not in the races, he was regularly outpacing Kovalainen by the end of the year. If next year’s car is more suited to him, I think he could do a good job.

    Petrov ought to get closer to Kubica… but then you could have said the same about NPJ in 2009 and look what happened…

    Hard call on the Red Bulls as they’re both on such a high level as it is – it’s more about psychology, will Vettel be more confident as champion, or will Webber be more determined, having missed out at the last hurdle?


    Dan Thorn

    It all depends on the tyres. If they induce oversteer then Hamilton will remain quicker over a short period but more oversteer generally means high tyre wear, so Button could gain an advantage in the races.

    Grippier tyres will help Massa, but he still wont beat Alonso because Alonso seems able to instantly adapt his driving style to any car.

    Schumacher is likely to be closer to Rosberg and possibly beating him by the end of next year and I think Vettel will extend his gap over Webber.



    Well, I hope that Massa will show Alonso the way next year, but that’s just me, Alonso is number one and that’s it…

    Vettel will be overrated in a couple of years to come, and, no matter how much I hated him, he will definitely beat Webber, and whoever becomes his teammate…

    I think Lewis will continue to outpace Button, but Jenson will occasionally show him the way…

    Schumacher is done for it, Rosberg will probably destroy him…

    I think Vitaly Petrov (if Renault keeps him nexy year) will be closer to Kubica than this year

    Barrichello and Maldonado should be interesting, considering how much the letter was praised

    Kobayashi-Perez duo will be close, but I think Kobayashi will eventually overcom his rookie-teammate…

    But, these are only my humble opinions, this is an unpredictable sport and anything can happen (look at 2007) :D



    I really cannot see Massa matching Alonso throughout the length of the season. I think he should be stronger next year, and should do better than Alonso at his favourite circuits (Bahrain, Turkey, Interlagos). I would predict a smaller point difference than 2010 between them, but not small enough to consider Massa as a title threat.

    Between Hamilton and Button, I predict Hamilton to convincingly destroy Button next year. The over steery Pirellis should suit Hamilton more than Button. Button was a little lucky to have the points total he had this year.. but next year I think Hamilton would be on the ball from race 1, and Jenson would not even come close to matching his teammate throughout the year. But then again I have been wrong on Jenson before.. so .. lets see..

    The Rosberg Schumacher battle will be close, and we should see Schumacher in respectable form next year. I still see Rosberg beating him at the end of the year points tally, and I do predict a bumpy relationship between these two drivers as well. Schumacher would be manipulating Ross and Haug to design the car around his specific driving style, while Rosberg would just get into the car and outperform Schumacher.

    Vettel should beat Webber like he did in 2009. He wouldn’t beat him by a lot.. but would just out qualify him on a regular basis and finish a few points ahead of him consistently.

    Well these are all of my predictions.. guess we will have to wait until the start of next year to find out.



    Roseberg Schumacher will be fun, young star with the shinning star.



    I hope all of ’em…



    Schumacher – yes, Massa – no, the other two about the same. That’s my guess.


    Stephen Jones

    i’d like to see Webber beat Vettel next year, but Vettel’s confident after just winnin wdc, and that level of confidence is very hard to lose..

    Webber enjoys being the underdog, and surprising everyone.. but i think Vettel will edge him out.

    Though saying that, it could end either way..

    and i can’t see Massa beating Alonso.. firstly Alonso’s bloody good, and secondly, Massa seams to have lost some heart, or confidence through the second half of the season. Of course the team orders thing has completely changed the way the team works, but i can’t see Massa beating Alonso consistently. (this just oozes schumacher-barrichello)

    Schumacher – Rosberg is gonna be mighty.. can’t wait to watch!



    Vettel will continue to overpower Webber

    Alonso will continue to beat Massa

    Button will come back and beat Hamilton

    Schumacher will beat Rosberg and be a title contender.



    I think that Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton’s dominacne will continue, and I think that for Kubica as well. As for Schumacher, well, I hope I don’t regret putting that 10 on him to win the title next year…

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