2012 F1 driver rankings: half-season


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    Andy Redden

    24. Karthikeyan. When a driver has such a dominant monopoly on position 24, it becomes difficult not to rank him 24th in this list.

    23. Massa. A shadow of his former self, never looks anywhere near a match for Alonso, and looked out of a job after Melbourne Q2. 164 points plays 25 places just shows the stark difference between the Ferrari drivers.

    22. Glock. Looks uninterested, bored, and annoyed with F1. Been outperformed more by his current rookie teammate than the previous 2. Maybe time for DTM.

    21. Petrov. Perhaps slightly close to Heikki than Trulli, but still rather distant to his team mate. Not really done anything to justify him a higher place in my list.

    20. Pic. Doing better than previous Virgin/Marussia rookies. Nothing earth shattering though and would surprise me if he was dropped.

    19. De La Rosa. Doing what is expected of him, seems to be carrying HRT and is dominating Narain as expected. Solid but unspectacular.

    18. Vergne. Contributes to Toro Rosso’s attempt to recreate the late 80’s one car teams. Hopeless in qualifying, decent in races. Long way to go until possible Red Bull move.

    17. Ricciardo. Like his teammate by contributing to Toro Rosso’s attempt to recreate the late 80’s one car teams. Decent in qualifying, falls away in races. His 6th placed grid slot in Bahrain puts him above his teammate.

    16. Senna. Nice guy, and would have been much lower if not for performances at Malaysia and Hungary. More consistent and likeable than Maldonado, but if one of them gets dropped, it seems certain to be the Brazilian.

    15. Kovalainen. Really wanted to place him higher. Deserves much more than what he is working with, but at the end of the race day he is pointless and many midfield guys are having strong seasons.

    14. Hulkenberg. Slow start but solid, and ever improving. Held back by what is in truth an average car and is really beginning to get the upper hand on Di Resta. his position should improve however by seasons end.

    13. Di Resta. Impressive start, but beginning to have a difficult mid season. Needs to buck the recent trend if he is to hold off his improving teammate.

    12. Maldonado. Here solely for the victory and solid pace he has shown. Been rather comical at other times and without that victory he would be much, much lower down the list.

    11. Schumacher. Without the bad luck he would probably be higher. Mainly a case of other drivers having a better season. Perhaps done enough to justify a fourth season of the comeback. His ‘pole’ was great, podium fortunate and fellow returnee Raikkonen has really pit him into the shade.

    10. Kobayashi. Solid and improving. 3rd on grid in China and a great German GP result. Overshadowed by his teammate however but both are standing out more than Force India, Williams and Toro Rosso drivers so far this season.

    9. Button. Appears to have recovered from the alarming slump, otherwise he wouldn’t have been in my top 12. Championship hopes are really gone however and he has been completely out performed by Lewis. Australia must feel like a long time ago. The win and 2 podiums put him here in this list.

    8. Rosberg. Two great performances at China and Monaco are beginning to look like anomalies in a classic Rosberg-esque season. When the car was good he performed, now its not, his results are dropping and he’s falling away in the championship.

    7. Perez. THE standout driver from the midfield. Would be a shame if he doesn’t get a better drive, and should already have won. A future champion in the making perhaps?

    6. Grosjean. Blindingly fast, but riddled with silly errors. Closer to Raikkonen than probably anyone imagined and fully deserved his second shot at F1. Improving and looks to be in a real battle for 6th in drivers championship with Rosberg and Button. Can’t really ask for more from his first proper, full season of F1.

    5. Vettel. Came into the season with so many accolades from the past 2, championship winning seasons. However now the car advantage has gone, gone is the imperious Vettel we saw in 2011. There have been flashes of excellence such as Australia, Bahrain and Valencia but the mistakes, misfortune, sour attitude in defeat have shown he is still not the complete package. Fewer points than Webber despite being Marko’s golden boy and continues to struggle for quality results when not being able to apply his classic (and nearly unbeatable) run and hide tactic; still yet to win from off the front row of the grid.

    4. Webber. Back to 2010 form… ish. Beating Vettel in the Championship means he heads him here. Alonso’s closest challenger but still don’t see him being champion, and unsure if he is finding the real consistency required. The 2 wins the only times he’s stepped on the podium, but he does deserve to be edging his double-champion teammate at this stage.

    3. Raikkonen. There have been iffy moments such as Australia qualifying, and infact qualifying in general. Was below form in Monaco and Canada. But having 5 podiums and being well in the title hunt proves he has lost none of his class. Bahrain he should have won, whilst Spain, Valencia and Germany were solid if at times slightly fortunate podiums. His stunning race pace in the 2nd stint in Hungary moved him above the Red Bull drivers. And all this in his comeback year.

    2. Hamilton. Valencia, the only real blot on his copybook in a welcome return to the pre-2011 form. Proving himself in qualifying as F1’s fastest driver. If not for team errors he would be well in with a shout of the championship, his second part of the season charge is one I am looking forward to. Driving brilliantly and deserves any rewards he gets from the season.

    1. Alonso. Who else. By far and away F1’s best all round driver and becoming one of the all time greats. A league apart from the rest and it will be a travesty if he doesn’t take the crown this year. Outperforming a largely average Ferrari in which his teammate can currently only manage 14th in the drivers championship. There simply not enough superlatives for Alonso in 2012.


    Prisoner Monkeys


    So you think Karthikeyan would have done a better job at Williams than Senna has?

    No. Like I said, I am trying to rank drivers based on a) their performances, b) their equipment and c) their experience. Senna has a car that is capable of scoring wins (or at least points on a regular basis), and have been driving for two full years now – but he’s making major errors every which way there is. Kathikeyan, on the other hand, is in an uncompetitive car and has had a very lopsided Formula 1 career. He’s disappointing, but he was expected to be disappointing. Senna has a car that is capable of so much more than he is delivering. Hence, Senna ranks lower.



    I would agree Hamiltin was a little disappointing in the race in Aus, but not Malaysia. We know what trouble mclaren have with tyres in the wet, just look at Button in the same race, yet he finished above a number of faster cars in those conditions.



    24th – Narain Karthikeyan has been beaten by de la Rosa fair and square, only Ferrari sees a similar dominance by one of the drivers. He has shown flashes of good performance like at the rainy Sepang where he briefly ran as high as 9th. Still, there is not much that suggests that he deserves to be in F1 on merit.

    23rd – It’s very doubtful that Jean-Eric Vergne and his team mate are the only reasons why Toro Rosso have moved from the midfield to the no man’s land between Caterham and the midfield. Being the guy from the ‘established teams’ who regulary has to call it a day after Q1 certainly doesn’t feel nice but JEV’s race performances have been more encouraging. It looks like STR are going to give both its drivers another year to prove themselves so it’s too early to write off any of them yet.

    22nd – If a driver has earned 25 points and finds himself in the 14th place of the world championship, while his team mate is leading it with 164 points, then something must have gone very wrong. Felipe Massa has occasionally shown flashes of the speed he once used to have, particularly Monaco and Great Britain looked encouraging. However, we have seen these good performances much too rarely.

    21st – Charles Pic has been able to upset Timo Glock, his team mate and one of the impressive backmarkers of 2010 and 2011, much more often than his predecessors d’Ambrosio and di Grassi did. Pic has left a very good impression but it’s not certain if that will be enough to ensure him an F1 career that lasts more than one year.

    20th – It’s been a pretty disappointing season for Bruno Senna so far. If nothing else, then his team mate’s raw speed shows what the car is ultimately capable of and Senna clearly hasn’t been able to get the most out of it. To be fair, Senna has been scoring points much more consistently than Maldonado and the lack of participation in FP1 sessions partly excuses his mistakes and the lack of success. His race in Hungary must have been very encouraging but will he be able to keep the upward trend?

    19th – It’s hard to tell if Timo Glock has struggled to find motivation, while driving a car that is capable of nothing more than fighting HRTs. But his performances have become less impressive and one could suspect that his rumoured dissatisfaction with the new team mate could come from the inability to beat him, at least not by a significant margin.

    18th – Like his team mate, Daniel Ricciardo has experienced a rather anonymous season so far. He has clearly dominated the qualifying sessions (9-2) but not experienced that kind of advantage on Sunday. The poor car makes it harder to evaluate Ricciardo’s performance appropriately so it’s probably fair to say that the jury is still out.

    17th – Pedro de la Rosa has been more than convincingly outperforming his team mate, bothering Marussias occasionally and keeping himself out of collisions and penalties. In brief, he obviously does a very solid job with the equipment at his disposal.

    16th – Kamui Kobayashi is still able to deliver good performances now and then but he doesn’t really look like the man that impressively joined the F1 scene at the end of 2009. It’s unclear whether his results will be enough to ensure him a race seat in 2013.

    15th – What can you say about a driver as atypical and controversial as Pastor Maldonado is? His performance in Spain was breathtaking and he more than deserved that win. His qualifying pace and the positions before crashing tell you a lot about his potential. He rarely lacks the speed but often misses the intelligence that you just cannot do without in F1 today. After all, only the results matter and if Maldonado doesn’t manage to deliver them, then the F1 fraternity will rather remember him as a controversial crasher than the guy who never realised his potential.

    14th – Vitaly Petrov deserves serious respect for his performances at Caterham. He hasn’t been able to match his team mate’s pace in qualifying but has often been close behind Kovalainen or occasionally even in front on the race day. Petrov seems to have matured as a racing driver and the 1st half of 2012 might very well mean a start of a new chapter in the Russian’s career.

    13th – Heikki Kovalainen has basically stayed on the same path as in previous two years by being the star of the back of the field. He has been involved in some minor collisions and hasn’t been defeating Petrov as crushingly as it was the case with Trulli. But there is still every reason to suggest that he deserves more success than is possible with the car at his disposal.

    12th – Force India seems to have taken a step back in 2012 but you cannot really say the same about Paul di Resta. The internal battle with Hulkenberg was never going to be easy and it seems like the mix of a new team mate, the car’s weaknesses, unlucky strategies and Paul’s own struggles now and then is the reason why his second year in F1 hasn’t been as impressive as the first one, which itself is probably not a big deal. However, di Resta cannot afford to let Hulkenberg start dominating him. The internal fight between FI boys keeps being one that’s interesting to watch.

    11th – It’s hard to find another team on the grid where the drivers would be more evenly matched than at Force India. But it looks like Nico Hulkenberg has done a better job in the last few races and, at Valencia, he also was closer to the team’s second ever podium than di Resta has ever been. Nico clearly deserves praise for being able to perform that well in what is only his second year in F1. Is he the next big thing? Let’s wait and see.

    10th – After a promising start to the year that looked like a serious world championship bid, it suddenly all went wrong for Jenson Button as he scored merely seven points in the six races between Bahrain and Great Britain. He impressively came back in Germany and deserved a better result in Hungary but his championship hopes are all but over.

    9th – The championship positions of the Mercedes drivers clearly don’t show the balance of power within the team. Michael Schumacher was extremely unfortunate in many races so the podium at Valencia was a deserved compensation, even if it was a bit lucky. It’s been a season full of highs and lows as well as simply decent races for the old man. Whilst the pole position at Monaco reminded us of Michael’s past greatness, crashing in the back of Senna at Catalunya and the disastrous Hungaroring weekend did no good to his legacy.

    8th – Nico Rosberg won his first GP in a convincing manner but the rest of the season hasn’t been that straightforward. It looked like Mercedes was able to win the Monaco GP and Rosberg has had a few uninspiring weekends like at Melbourne and Silverstone. While it seems that he hasn’t made the best use of all the opportunities, he still has been doing a good job most of the time, which is something a team like Mercedes probably needs most.

    7th – On the one hand, Sergio Perez has the brilliant drives like at Malaysia and Canada to argue that he is the star of the future. On the other hand, there are all the average weekends, the feeling that even more was possible with the car and Ferrari’s reluctance to replace Massa with the young Mexican that raise doubts over Perez’s true ability to join the big boys and be one of them already now.

    6th – In March, only 9% of F1 Fanatics expected Romain Grosjean to beat his team mate over the 2012 season. The Frenchman probably won’t quite manage to do that but it’s undeniable that he has exceeded the expectations with certainty. He is leading the qualifying battle in the team by 7-4 and there is no doubt about his race pace, too. The mistakes and mishaps have robbed him of many potential points but the speed is there and he still has plenty of time to turn his still young and promising career into a real success story.

    5th – Compared to what happened last year, the 2012 season has obviously been a great success for Mark Webber so far. In a year where consistency is the key, he has been rightly rewarded for that with the second place in the championship standings. Still, Mark needs to have the victorious weekends like Monaco and Silverstone more often if he wants to stay in the title hunt until the very end.

    4th – The relatively poor qualifying form has most probably been the reason why we still haven’t seen the Iceman on the upper step of the podium in 2012. Kimi Raikkonen has definitely managed to make a lot of his sceptics change their minds by driving several very strong races. Despite a few struggles (like with the steering of the car), constant points finishes and five podiums mean that the championship is still possible, although improvements in both team’s and Kimi’s own performances would be required to reach those heights.

    3rd – After the first 11 races of 2011, Sebastian Vettel had collected 234 points and was leading the championship standings with a solid gap of 85 points. After the same amount of races this year, he finds himself in the overall third place with 122 points, losing 42 points to the championship leader. However, his performance level has certainly not fallen as dramatically as one could conclude, looking just at these figures. He hasn’t been able to deliver as many perfect laps in qualifying and there have been signs like the mistaken move on Button in Germany that suggest he doesn’t feel as comfortable in the car as when it was dominating everyone else. But absolutely nothing makes one think that he ain’t capable of fighting for the world championship until the very end of this season.

    2nd – This year, Lewis Hamilton looks like the guy we used to know before the difficult 2011 season – quick, clever and mature. Without some messy pit stops, the miscalculated fuel amount in Spain, colliding with Maldonado at Valencia and a couple of other unlucky incidents, neither of which were his fault, Lewis would most probably be at the top of the championship standings or thereabouts. As long as Hamilton maintains his form of the 1st half of the season, the championship fight is far from over for McLaren.

    1st – Fernando Alonso can go on the summer vacation, enjoying a 40-point lead in the championship, and he has achieved that in a car that rarely has been the fastest one on the grid. Sceptics might say that he’s had more luck than his title rivals but, in reality, Alonso’s stand in the championship is a simple and logical reflection of a reliable car, a strong team and an outstanding driver, who has used every opportunity to score as many points as possible.



    I think you are being far too harsh on Senna @prisoner-monkeys . If you ignore Barcelona, difficult to do I know, he has scored more points more often than Maldonado (6 points scoring finishes for a total of 24 points vs. Maldonado’s single points scoring finish for a total 4 points) and has been to the stewards significantly fewer times.

    Anyway here is my list:

    24. Karthikeyan – 11-0 down in qualifying to de la Rosa. Nuff said.
    23. Pic – At times I forget he is even on the grid. Not doing better than d’Ambrosio did last year, so why is he in the car?
    22. Ricciardo – Is he living up to the hype? Not sure. Get the feeling he’ll go the same way as Klein, Liuzzi, Alguersuari and Buemi.
    21. Vergne – Down on Ricciardo in qualifying but seems to be able to match him in race pace, has a better best finish than the Aussie. Get the feeling he’ll go the same way as Klein, Liuzzi, Alguersuari and Buemi.
    20. Glock – Another solid year for Glock. He (like Kovalainen) deserves a better seat, but Heikki is doing a much better job of putting himself in the shop window.
    19. Massa – The form is slowly coming back but he is being decimated by Alonso. If he doesn’t lose his seat at the end of the year I’ll eat my hat.
    18. Petrov – Not bad, but is being consistently and comprehensively outpaced by Kovalainen, his only real competitor.
    17. De la Rosa – Doing a solid job for HRT, comprehensively spanking Karthikeyan.
    16. Schumacher – Got “pole” in Monaco and took his first podium since his comeback but other than that 2012 has been a tale of woe for the 7 time champion. Time to retire for good.
    15. Maldonado – Amazing win in Barcelona but other than that his results show only 1 points finish, a string of crashes and numerous visits to the stewards office after a few very questionable moments of brain fade. If he could control his temper and let his driving do the talking he’d be higher up.
    13. Hulkenberg – The Force India boys are difficult to separate, both scoring points regularly. Hulk’s drive in Valencia was special. Equal 13th.
    13. Di Resta – The Force India boys are difficult to separate, both scoring points regularly. Equal 13th. That said di Resta should edge out the Hulk, but it will be a close fight.
    12. Kobayashi – Perez has grabbed the podiums and the headlines, but Kamui has been close behind with a string of good results.
    11. Senna – Scoring more points more often than Maldonado if you ignore Barcelona, much more to come from Bruno. He’ll probably be replaced by Bottas for 2013, which is a shame.
    10. Kovalainen – Continues to put in strong performances for Caterham. Deserves another crack with a top/midfield team.
    9. Button – Great start to the year but it has all gone pear shaped.
    8. Rosberg – Debut win in China promised much, but he has delivered little since then.
    7. Grosjean – Fantastic in his return to F1, if only he’d stop making silly mistakes.
    6. Perez – 2 podiums and 3 other points scoring finishes, has been mightily impressive.
    5. Vettel – Not reaching the heights of 2011, but is it legitimate to expect that sort of dominance again?
    4. Webber – Has got back on terms with Vettel this year after being beasted in 2011.
    3. Raikkonen – He’s had three 2nds and two 3rds in his comeback year and should have probably won more than once. Impressive is an understatement.
    2. Hamilton – The 2007-2008 Lewis is back. His drives in Canada and Hungary were straight out the top drawer. Has kept a smile on his face despite having had some appalling luck.
    1. Alonso – Great damage limitation job early in the year, grabbing wins now that the F2012 has come good. He has been head and shoulders above everyone else this season.



    @prisoner-monkeys Well this thread is about driver rankings, comparing what a job they’ve done. Senna hasn’t been very competitive but he’s easily done a better job than a few drivers, definitely Karthikeyan.

    By your criteria Karthikeyan should rank above Button and Glock, as he’s done what had been expected of him and the other two have done less than expected. Also, Grosjean should rank above Alonso, as he’s done more than had been expected of him, while Alonso only performs flawlessly as expected.

    Now such list doesn’t make much sense, does it?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If you ignore Barcelona, difficult to do I know, he has scored more points more often than Maldonado

    Since when do we arbitrarily pick and choose which races we ignore and which races count towards a driver’s ranking? Because in that case, I’m going to ignore Monaco, Silverstone and Valencia and promote Maldonado to first on my list of drivers.

    Now such list doesn’t make much sense, does it?

    I think you’re missing my point. I’m considering their achievements first. Then their equipment, and then their expectations. You’re making it look like I’m disregarding their achievements and only considering their expectations.

    I put Bruno Senna twenty-fourth for a reason: I don’t think he should be in Formula 1. He hasn’t done anything to justify being in the seat, and even though he has scored points three times more often than Maldonado, Maldonado is still in front. It took him ten races just to get to Q3, and he makes one major mistake that compromises his race every other Grand Prix.



    24. Karthikeyan-outqualified in every race by PDLR.
    23. Glock – Matched by his rookie team mate at the start of the season and now being outpaced regularly.
    22.Massa- Less than 1/6th of his teammate’s points in a car which is not slow as it is made out to be.
    21.Pic -More than a match for his more experienced team mate.
    20.Senna- The hungarian performance notwithstanding he has been generally outpaced by maldonado.
    19.PDLR-Much quicker than his team mate and at times the marussia’s
    17. Kovalainen & Petrov-kovy the better qualifier,petrov the better racer.
    15.JEV & Ricciardo- Same as above .
    14.Paul di resta- Yet to figure out why the guy is hyped so much. Not much of a personality either.
    13.Button- Good start to the season in what was the best car but mclaren’s mid season dip in form was down to their drivers not extracting the most out of their car.Inability to set up the car is mostly seen in rookies not experienced WDC’s
    12.Kobayashi-Occasional glimpses of pace , brilliant overtaking and the ability to commit racing hara-kiri.
    13.Hulkenberg-Outpacing di resta as he gets to grips with the pirelli’s.
    10.MS-Would have been much higher if not for the brain fade in hungary.Has shown he still has the pace at 43.
    9.Maldonado-Impressive pace in a good car.Too much has been made out of his incidents.It takes 2 to tango.
    8.Rosberg-Achieved Mercedes first win since its comeback with probably the best qualifying lap of the season.
    7.Perez-Pace,consistency and ability to deal with pressure .All the signs of a top driver.
    5.Vettel and webber- Not much to seperate them.Vettel could do with being a bit more patient at times.
    4.Grosjean- Finally fulfilling his potential.Does have a tendency to be involved in incidents though not all are due to him.
    3.Raikkonen-Not as a quick as his team mate in qualifying but more than makes up for it with his brilliant racecraft.Also his ability to set up cars means lotus have been extracting maximum performance in virtually all the races.
    2.Hamilton- Best in qualifying so far this season.Could have had more points if not for pit stop blunders.A much more intelligent driver this season.
    1.Alonso-Flawless performance in a ferrari which has improved its speed throughout the season.Has been the smartest driver and has adapted best to the pirelli’s.



    @prisoner-monkeys This list is about how the drivers have performed in the first 11 races of the season, regardless of the expectation. I’m pretty sure you agree that Senna has done a better job than Karthikeyan this year, which means he should be higher in the rankings.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    But I don’t think he has done a better job than Karthikeyan, given that what both drivers have to work with.

    Bruno Senna is twenty-fourth and last in my mid-season rankings. That’s not going to change.



    24. Karthikeyan – He’s been beaten by de la Rosa every time both cars finished a race, i.e. 6 times. He had experience with HRT from last year, whilst de la Rosa had his previous appearance in a race weekend with Sauber in 2010.

    23. De la Rosa – He couldn’t have achieved better results with an HRT, but there should be young drivers more deserving of a seat than him.

    22. Bruno Senna – He’s scored points 6 times – Maldonado only twice – but, unlike his team mate, he hasn’t won a race. He has made too many mistakes, and although he’s been beaten by his team mate on only four occasions, his ups and downs go from really low to medium-high.

    21. Pastor Maldonado – His ups and downs go, unlike his team mate, from really low to really high. His pole and win in Spain were amazing, but he’s done absolutely nothing before and since then. His crashes and penalties are not something we should expect from an F1 driver.

    20. Timo Glock – From a driver with his experience, I expected to see his rookie team mate clearly beaten: it hasn’t been so. Before, Glock was giving all he could, but now, knowing he can’t go further than the 21st place, usually, his efforts are just enough for that position.

    19. Charles Pic – Not exactly the most impressive driver in GP2 last year, I thought he was going to make a fool of himself this year. He has done better than expected, and he beat Glock, who is/was highly rated, on several occasions.

    18. Daniel Ricciardo – His greater experience with F1 cars than his team mate should have meant that he would have beaten Vergne more often and by greater margins, however it hasn’t been the case usually.

    17. Jean-Eric Vergne – He’s a rookie, he’s made some mistakes but overall he has been satisfying, considering the car he is driving.

    16. Vitaly Petrov – He has been in F1 since 2010, and as he changes to an inferior car he gets beaten, consistently, by his team mate. Not a good way to start re-building your career.

    15. Heikki Kovalainen – He keeps improving the car’s potential in qualifying – he’s made it into Q2 more than once this year, if I remember correctly. He’s not keeping up with his race pace, but it’s hard to tell what happens as FOM never keep an eye on him or his team mate.

    14. Felipe Massa – It’s 6 races since he – he also admitted it – started being competitive in the F2012. However, Monaco and Silverstone have been the only occasions in which he’s managed to pull out a good performance. Usually bad qualifying results compromised his race before it even started, and, despite his great starts, he didn’t make many positions up, if at all.

    13. Michael Schumacher – Bad luck can only be associated to him this year, however he has also made several silly mistakes when the car was going – like in Spain and Hungary. He’s scored a podium, but other than that? Nothing.

    12. Nico Hulkenberg – Started beating his team mate at around a quarter of the season. He had only driven in practice in 2011, so it’s comprehensible that di Resta was the quickest of the two to start with. Still, apart from the 3 “new” teams and STR, he’s the driver with the least points of all.

    11. Kamui Kobayashi – Perez is not an easy team mate to cope with. His exceptional performances have put Kobayashi under pressure, but he hasn’t managed to copy his results. 4th at Hockenheim was amazing, but the rest of the season wasn’t.

    10. Paul di Resta – Continues to look very calm and consistent in the races, but without a one-off exploit it’s hard to rate him higher.

    9. Jenson Button – 3 podiums in 11 in what is, or has been, possibly, the best car on several occasions, isn’t enough. Especially after his great 2011, and after winning the season opener, I was expecting more than 7th place from him.

    8. Nico Rosberg – When the W03 has been good, i.e. in China and Monaco, he took it to pole and win before, then to a second place. He’s consistently scored points since then despite Mercedes dropping down the order, behind RBR, McLaren, Renault, Ferrari and Sauber.

    7. Romain Grosjean – He may be nearly a rookie, but he’s had some great showings, like in Hungary and Europe. However, with a few mistakes at the start of the season, he lost many points and now lies 3 positions behind his team mate.

    6. Sebastian Vettel – He’s the only driver in the top four to have won only once. He still has his speed, as his 3 poles demonstrate, but he no longer has the advantage he had last season, and he’s not achieving the results we thought were easy for him to get.

    5. Lewis Hamilton – Very consistent, he has only two retirements, one of which wasn’t his fault and cost him plenty of points.

    4. Sergio Perez – Nearly scoring Sauber’s first win is pretty amazing on its own, but achieving a second podium 5 races later is even better. Sometimes, most notably in Hungary, Sauber have not been competitive, but you couldn’t ask for much more from a driver with one year’s experience under his belt.

    3. Mark Webber – Two wins, including one from pole at Monaco and one stolen to Alonso at the end of the British GP. Not bad, certainly, but he could, and should, have achieved more in the other races.

    2. Kimi Raikkonen – After Alonso, and tied with Webber, Raikkonen is the most consistent driver so far, scoring points 10 times out of 11 races. Having missed two years of F1, he was immediately up to speed, and despite some bad moments, like his qualifying in Melbourne, his season has gone pretty well thus far, as he achieved 5 podiums, one less than Alonso and the same as Hamilton. When the car was competitive, Kimi brought it as high as possible, and when it wasn’t he brought it as high as possible anyway.

    1. Fernando Alonso – For how bad the F2012 looked in Australia, a 5th place was not bad. A win at the next round was better than anyone could expect. Scoring points in the remaining 9 races, two of which won, and with three further podiums, giving him a 40-point advantage on his closest rival in the championship, in a car whoch, despite its upgrades and improvements, still isn’t the best, is enough to make him number one on this list.



    I think the proof that your dislike for Senna is clouding your judgement comes in these statements about their careers:
    ‘Kathikeyan, on the other hand, is in an uncompetitive car and has had a very lopsided Formula 1 career. ‘
    ‘Like I said, I am trying to rank drivers based on a) their performances, b) their equipment and c) their experience. Senna has a car that is capable of scoring wins (or at least points on a regular basis), and have been driving for two full years now’
    They’ve both had very pitted F1 careers, it’s just that Senna has squeezed a few more races in over the last 2 and a half years. To suggest that based on their experience there is much difference is to be seeing very much what you want to see so as to excuse one and damn the other.


    Fikri Harish

    1. Fernando Alonso
    The only driver to score in each and every race so far, 1st in the WDC by 40 points(!), most 1st place finish so far, all done with what can be arguably considered the 3rd or 4th fastest car.
    Every team wants him, and every driver wants to be him.
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    Displayed surprising consistency and maturity this year (especially compared to the last two years). His complete dominance in Hungary mirrors what Vettel did throughout last year.
    3. Kimi Raikkonen
    Being away for 2 years from F1 didn’t do anything to diminish his skill. Really needs to string together a perfect weekend to grab that elusive 1st place finish.
    4. Mark Webber
    Managed to bounce back perfectly after being dominated last season by his teammate. If Alonso doesn’t win the WDC this season, I sincerely hope it’d be him.
    5. Sebastian Vettel
    I expected more from him after 2011. He’s arguably one of the fastest driver on the grid, but his yearly form is erratic.
    6. Romain Grosjean
    Despite some mistakes, he’s shown that he have what it takes to compete with the big boys. Like Raikkonen, he needs to string together a perfect weekend to grab a victory in such a competitive season.
    7. Sergio Perez
    Showed flashes of brilliance, but still lacks the consistency to make it into the bigger team.
    8. Nico Rosberg
    He has both the consistency and speed but won’t be showing his full potential with the Mercedes current form.
    9. Kamui Kobayashi
    Despite showing one of his greatest overtaking moves in Catalunya, he’s sadly outshone by his Mexican teammate.
    10. Jenson Button
    Quick when he’s in the zone, but completely disappointing otherwise.
    11. Michael Schumacher
    Has regained some of his speed, as shown by his qualifying results, but that Mercedes isn’t going to help him extend his career.
    12. Paul di Resta
    Never showed flashes of brilliance in the vein of Perez and Maldonado, but probably the most consistent and mature of the three.
    13. Nico Hulkenberg
    Quite similar in performance to Di Resta, just a bit slower.
    14. Heikki Kovalainen
    Surely some of the midfield teams are considering him right now? Despite not sneaking his way into Q2 as much as Caterham would’ve wanted, he’s done an admirable job so far.
    15. Pastor Maldonado
    He clearly has the speed to compete with the big boys, but needs to get his act straight.
    16. Daniel Ricciardo
    Quite fast in qualifying most of the time, but couldn’t quite make it work in Sundays despite starting sixth once.
    17. Bruno Senna
    Disappointingly average compared to what his teammate has shown with the car. Good performances in Malaysia and Hungary, but other than than, average. He’s been consistently fast throughout last weekend though, so I expect more to come from him in the second half of the season
    18. Jean-Eric Vergne
    Managed to outrace his teammate in the first few races, but is now being consistently outqualified and outraced although not by a huge margin.
    19. Felipe Massa
    I’d hoped 2012 would be a different year for him, but there isn’t much hope anymore is there? Did a respectable job in Silverstone and Monaco and he consistently had good starts but tends to fade away during the actual race. At least last year he did some exciting late-race charge.
    20. Vitaly Petrov
    Did what was required of him most of the time. Mostly outpaced by his experienced teammate.
    21. Timo Glock
    Not much to be said here, still has the upper hand against his teammate, but his recent form is worrying.
    22. Charles Pic
    Again, there’s not much to be said. Did what was expected of him, and manages to outrace his experienced teammate in the last few races.
    23. Pedro de la Rosa
    Still dominating his teammate most of the time and considering his experience, that was expected. Managed to finish ahead of the Marussia once.
    24. Narain Karthikeyan
    Still enjoying his time in the back of the grid. That being said, he’s doing a good job staying out of the way of faster cars.




    @huhhii I’m sorry, but I cannot take rankings from someone who rates Cowboys From Hell higher than Bonded by Blood, Melissa, Hell Awaits, King of the Dead, The Curse or Infernal Overkill seriously :P

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