2012 F1 champion – who?

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    Just wondering, in this most open of open seasons – Who does everyone think will be champion, and why? I know people want certain drivers to win it, but this is not about who you WANT to win the title – but rather who you THINK will win the title.

    Those currently in the hot seats are probably the Red Bull drivers and Alonso, but I don’t think they’re the only 3 who can win it.

    I think Vettel. Alonso is driving immaculately, but I don’t think it’ll be enough. I think the Red Bull is coming on song now, and are at the very least competitive on sweeper circuits, and they are somewhat demonic in slow corners.

    Sadly I don’t think Webber will beat Vettel over the course of a season – and taking these two assumptions into account, I say Vettel.



    If the Ferrari car can stay anywhere near the Red Bull in terms of performance, then Alonso will be champion without a shadow of doubt.

    If not, then it’s a toss-up between Vettel and Webber, really.



    we’re not even at the halfway point, it’s within anyone’s reach. if filipe can have a strong 2nd half, then that gives fernando an edge, but i doubt massa is taking points off of webbo very often.



    @f1yankee yes, mathematically even Karthikeyan could still be 2012 WDC. But who do you THINK, at this point in time, will be?



    Let me provide a bit more reasoning to back-up my previous post.

    Ferrari isn’t that far behind Red Bull anymore. In fact, based on the last couple of races I’d say Red Bull has the edge over Ferrari at best. The Maranello team has been demonic in development and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have the fastest car by the end of the season. In Silverstone, Alonso would’ve won if he was on the same strategy as the Red Bull’s and his teammate Massa were on. Hell, if 2012’s Massa is fast, then you know the car is fast!

    Vettel is already 26 points behind Alonso, and Alonso being himself is going to make it very difficult to make up such an advantage. Ask Raikkonen for any evidence. Vettel will need a stellar 2nd half of the season, and if he has one more poor race where Alonso wins, it could already be game over for Sebastian.

    Ferrari isn’t far of Red Bull. Alonso already has a considerably margin advantage over Vettel. And in my view, he’s the superior driver. Likewise, I sadly can’t see Webber becoming champion. In my view, he just doesn’t have the “it” factor in him. He’s too inconsistent.

    Other than the Red Bull drivers, who else could challenge Alonso? Hamilton? Mclaren are falling drastically behind in development. Raikkonen? Despite having the car to do it, Lotus just can’t seem to win, or put one perfect weekend together for that matter. Rosberg? Maybe if Mercedes could be more consistent with the performances they had in China and Monaco.

    So yeah, I think I’ve made it obvious on why I believe will be champion this season.



    With all the cars as even as they are, you have to put your money on Alonso.
    McLaren and Mercedes look a little bit behind at the moment. It looks like Lotus, Ferrari and Red Bull are about the same at the top. I’ll rule Felipe out. Kimi and Grosjean aren’t driving as well as they could be. So it looks like it will be between Webber, Vettel and Alonso. I think Lotus will win the next three races though, which will bring them both back into it.
    But with everyone in an even position, I think Alonso will prevail.



    If Lotus can get everything right for their qualifications they’ll stand a chance for both titles. If not, I’m guessing for the easy choice – Alonso.



    With the season so closely fought, I would wait a bit longer before choosing my favorites for the championship. Afterall in a season like 2010 and by the Belgian GP, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton were the ones at the top of the championship and we all know how it panned out.



    I can still see McLaren have a turn around, but it hasn’t really gone right for Hamilton for a while, and I see this going towards Vettel or Alonso. Maybe Webber car stay i touch, but come the end Vettel would be too strong in the same car. But I reckon Alonso. I dislike him, but it would be highly deserved.



    Everyone’s saying it’s Alonso’s year, but if 2010 taught us anything, it’s never to count Seb out. I still think it will be Vettel. I don’t particularly want to see the same guy winning every year, but he’s driving very well again now. If Fernando wins it will be an amazing achievement and very embarrassing for the other contenders, however.



    Kingshark, Vettel turned -25 points into +4 points in just two races in 2010. Granted, this time around the Ferrari is much faster, but Vettel has half a season left and one would assume after 45 races Alonso would suffer some bad luck as well.






    You’d say Alonso or a red bull are the favourites. Hamilton has a very outside chance if mclaren can regain pace from germany.

    I think it will come down to Vettel and Alonso though and which one becomes a triple champ… i hope if it does come to that, that it goes to Alonso


    Adam Blocker

    Alonso, if Ferrari have a solid car, otherwise it will probably be Webber (I don’t know why, I just have a feeling)



    My money says Alonso, my heart says Webber.

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