2012 F1 season review: Best moments of the year

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    Alonso’s win in Valencia was the best for me. There was just a brilliant passion about it that we rarely see these days.



    Schumacher’s Monaco pole lap, completely unexpected.

    The unpredictability of the first half of the season, and Alonso’s performance throughout that half, his win in the German grand prix a fantastic example of knowing where he had to be fast on the circuit to prevent an overtaking opportunity from the faster cars Vettel and Button had.

    Kobayashi’s first podium(hopefully not his last).



    Just throwing in a few ideas:

    First time triumphs – Rosberg and Maldonado take their maiden wins, Raikkonen his comeback win, and Schumacher’s first “pole position” since his comeback. It was also fantastic to see Perez, Grosjean and Kobayashi on the podium.

    Racing gone mad – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Most thrilling, entertaining race of the year (so far…), and definitely a highlight for me.

    Storming drives – Alonso pushing hard and testing the limits of his car to eke out a championship lead, especially at Valencia and Germany. Vettel cleaves through the field at Spa, and secures the grand chelem at Suzuka. Hamilton’s flawless Hungarian race weekend, and the same for Button at Spa. I could go on about the stellar driver performances we’ve seen this year.

    Kimi being Kimi – “Yes, yes, yes, you don’t need to remind me all the time.” “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing.” And continuing during the podium interview. Probably the most awesomely blunt driver in F1, and among the funniest team radio excerpts I’ve ever heard. It’s a season highlight for me!



    No! No! the season’s not almost over, you can’t ask for highlights yet! there’s still a whole 2 races…
    How often does it happen that the very top drivers are all in cars that could win every weekend? that’s definately been a highlight this year. Alonso’s improbable win in malaysia, that made it clear it was going to be that kind of a season, was great.
    Raikkonen’s return was another highlight, that he’s quietly sitting in 3rd place with the 7th best car is legitimately impressive.
    Maldonado and Grosjean have both been impressive, too.When they don’t crash. When they don’t crash.
    And i’m looking forward to seeing how Austin turns out, and how Kubica does in his rallies the next two weekends.



    Schumacher’s Monaco “pole” lap, Vettel’s Suzuka pole lap and Vettel’s Suzuka grand chelem (I’m a fan of when a car and driver are so in harmony with one another that they produce a stunning work of art)

    Alonso’s dogged defense in Hungary was another highlight for me.

    Being a fan of live timing and strategic variance, I loved the silent battle between the 2-stop and 3-stop runners in Shanghai



    There were quite a few great moments for this season, but if I had to narrow down my top 3, they would be –

    1) Alonso’s win in Valencia – An absolutely cracking race full of drama.. which had Alonso putting in one of his best drives to win from p11. The emotions of Fernando and the crowd after that win were overwhelming.. haven’t seen anything like it in recent race history
    2) Kimi’s comeback win – Kimi deserved to win a race this season and after coming painfully close on a couple of occassions he seals the deal for his new team in Abu Dhabi.. Absolutely fantastic moment for him and the Enstone squad
    3) Maldonado’s win at Barcelona. I’m not a huge fan of Maldonado, but I do respect the Williams team a lot… and it was great to see them take a victory after so many rough seasons they’ve had recently. Definitely hope there is more to come from this squad

    I’m really hoping the best moment of the season is yet to come… Alonso taking the title in Brazil.



    My favourite moments of the year so far:

    The tension in Monaco – it’s nearly impossible to pass in the principality, but those closing laps with the rain starting to spot on the visors and Webber being followed closely by four rivals was another great example of there being no need for overtaking for great racing – just the constant threat.

    As I was watching Lap ~19(ish) of Valencia I had a pinch-myself moment, I looked at a line of cars 8 long all jostling across the track, many with different tyre life as some (Schumi & Webber) had just come out of the pits while others (Senna) had just come out of the pits.
    It looked like a lap 1 struggle for position, but it was a third of the way through the race, the complete antithesis of Monaco described above, and absolutely thrilling stuff.



    One of my favourite moments of the year was Australia Q3. We had a genuine mix-up of the order, Red Bull was no longer dominant, Webber outqualified Vettel, and Hamilton finally looked to have a car capable of challenging for the title. A very exciting season beckoned.

    The first half of season certainly lived up to that very early promise, especially in terms of unpredictability and pretty good racing, too, but less so in terms of Hamilton and McLaren going for the world championships.



    What I’m hoping will be the highlight of the year will be an emotional final Mclaren victory for Hamilton at the same place he clinched the championship for them 4 years earlier.

    Of the ones that have actually happened though, it would have to be Alonso’s win in Valencia and the celebrations with the fans, and the whole of the Silverstone weekend…simply because I was there!

    Also, I hope the US Grand Prix is a massive high point.



    Koba’s podium and Williams victory.
    I was going to say Massa back on podium, but while it was good… it didn’t thrill me that much.



    I’d also like to acknowledge another honorable mention – Rosberg’s first win in China.




    “All the time you have to leave a space!”



    The best moment was the 7 different winners in the first 7 GPs. Summed up why this was a classic season.

    My favorite moment was seeing Alonso, Kimi and Schumacher in Valencia on the podium and the photos of them in 05/06 all in different colour overalls. After 7 years – the three remain class acts.



    Best- Schumacher pole in Monaco- pure magic. Closely followed by Vettel’s pits to podium
    Worst- The Wiiliams pit fire and on track it is the bit pileup at Spa (even if my driver sort of benefitted from it)



    Best moments in 2012 Formula 1:
    1) 7 grand prix in a row…7 different winners!
    2) Raikkonen’s win in Abu Dhabi.His cold blood drives him to the win.But i liked also his answers to Lotus engineers: Just let me do my job.I know what i will do.

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