2012: You call it!

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    Totally nabbed this off the Autosport forums but what the heck, lets do it anyway :)

    1. Biggest disappointment?
    2. Biggest surprise?
    3. Best rookie?
    4. Controversy of the year?
    5. World Champion Driver?
    6. World Champion Constructor?
    7. Vintage season or disappointment?



    Hard to predict so early but to hazard a guess
    4.Hardest to predict. Seeing how it’s so early with so little info I will say some sort of 89/90 Suzuka crash style thing
    5. Button
    6. Mclaren
    7. Vintage.



    1.- Daniel Ricciardo….
    2.- Michael Schumacher wins a race
    3.- Jean Eric Vergne
    4.- Clashes between Massa and Hamilton. lol
    5.- Fernando Alonso
    6.- Ferrari
    7.- EPIC season!!



    1. Biggest disappointment? Williams – 0. Glad i didnt buy any shares there!
    2. Biggest surprise? Force India podium finish
    3. Best rookie? – Jean Eric Vergne, Only one on decent car
    4. Controversy of the year? Vettlel Getting favourtism over Webber, yeah i see a dull season ahead
    5. World Champion Driver? Sebastian Vettel
    6. World Champion Constructor? Red Bull
    7. Vintage season or disappointment? Disappointing


    Fer no.65

    1. Biggest disappointment? Ferrari, by far
    2. Biggest surprise? Force India
    3. Best rookie? There are few rookies… I’d chose Grosjean if he was a rookie.
    4. Controversy of the year? FOTA vs Teams-that-left-FOTA
    5. World Champion Driver? Heart says Webber, but it’s going to be Vettel.
    6. World Champion Constructor? Red Bull, no surprises.
    7. Vintage season or disappointment? Um… depends what you call “disappointment”. We all want a proper championship race… but I hope the races are at least much more fun than last year. If that happens, then I don’t care who wins the champ.



    @PJ what do you think then?



    1. Massa
    2. Petrov
    3. Grosjean(if he is one! :))
    4. Not sure
    5. Lets not kid ourselves..its gonna be Vettel again :( But I hope its Webber
    6. Red Bull



    @ShaneB457 Grosjean isn’t a rookie as such. He has been in F1 races before.



    @carnivorouspope Yeah I know.. he was in 09 season..I’ll chose Vergne then :)


    Younger Hamii

    1. Williams & Caterham; for not making the Midfield for another season
    2. Massa returns to the old as he matches Alonso for pace
    3. Vergne, There is Pic but are Marussia going to drag their 2012 chassis somewhere?
    4. I know it’s most certainly going to be at Silverstone ( think back to 2010 & last season) but which team will it point towards?
    5. Hamilton/Alonso, I can see them ‘wrung’ everything out of their cars especially in damage limitation circumstances (e.g. Tracks where RB would be superior)
    6. Red Bull
    7. WDC = Hamilton/Alonso + WCC = Red Bull – Yeah it’s going to be a Vintage one, several surprises in the wings, just like the previous era of F1


    Keith Collantine

    As many of you will know, we do a “20 questions on the season ahead” article every year closer to the start of the season, so keep an eye out for that on the site.

    As usual, the plan is to then look back on everyone’s choices at the end of the season and see how well we did.



    Biggest disappointment – Williams
    Biggest surprise – Mercedes
    Best rookie – Vergne
    Controversy of the year – Raikkonen leaves mid-season
    World Champion Driver – Vettel
    World Champion Constructor – Red Bull
    Vintage season or disappointment – Vintage



    I’ve made a very similar thread a few months ago!

    1. Biggest disappointment?
    – Ferrari.
    2. Biggest surprise?
    – Mercedes for wins, and Force India score a podium.
    3. Best rookie?
    – Vergne
    4. Controversy of the year?
    – Crash on the final race of the season, between the two final championship contenders, Lewis and Seb.
    5. World Champion Driver?
    – 1) Vettel 2) Hamilton 3) Rosberg
    6. World Champion Constructor?
    – 1) RBR 2) Mclaren 3) Mercedes
    7. Vintage season or disappointment?
    – Vintage, 2003 style.



    1. Biggest disappointment?
    Teams: McLaren. While everyone expects and hopes that their non-stepped nose strategy pays off, I don’t see them taking the fight to Seb this year. Honorable mention goes to Caterham, Force India and Williams, in that order.
    Drivers: Fernando Alonso or Nico Rosberg. Both were great in 2010 and 2011, but I don’t expect to see them at the top of their game this year. Honorable mention goes to Mark Webber.

    2. Biggest surprise?
    Teams: Prior to the tests I would’ve said Mercedes, but now I’m gonna go with Toro Rosso or Lotus. It’s not that I don’t see the Merc as a contender, but I just don’t think it would surprise anyone anymore, seeing as even freakin’ Newey is worried.
    Drivers: I’m gonna be hopeful and say Felipe Massa, but realistically it’s probably gonna be either Sergio Perez or Jean-Eric Vergne.

    3. Best rookie?
    Jean-Eric Vergne. Not a whole lot of rookies this year…

    4. Controversy of the year?
    FOTA vs the rest of the world
    Massa gets fired mid-season despite performing at an acceptable rate
    Massa does NOT get fired mid-season but loses Rob Smedley for undisclosed reasons
    Actually, knowing how people are (Kubica), Massa not getting fired would in itself be controversial
    Raikkonen leaves mid-season
    Rivalry between Button and Hamilton ignites
    One of the teams has illegal parts
    Any combination of the above

    Take your pick.

    5. World Champion Driver?
    Sebastian Vettel.

    6. World Champion Constructor?
    Red Bull, but only just.

    7. Vintage season or disappointment?



    1 – Caterham. Who yet again fail to score points. Honorable mentions to di Resta who yet again fails to beat his German teammate; and Lotus who again fail to make good on pre-season promise.
    2 – Raikkonen gets a 3rd at Spa; though he challenges quite strongly for 2nd too. Also; the Red Bull turns out to be the 2nd quickest car.
    3 – Vergne. Definitely.
    4 – The McLaren partnership turns out to be not as rosy as it is thought to be; and they start to mirror image Red Bull’s 2010 season.
    5 – Vettel nicks it as the McLaren drivers take points off each other.
    6 – McLaren
    7 – Races will be ok-ish. The championship showdown will be good. SHOULD be good; anyways.

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