2013 driver rankings after four races

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    1)Kimi for me has so far been the most impressive; convincingly having the better of Grosjean. He’s been on it from day one and is a serious threat to this years title.

    2)Hamilton so far has been brilliant; he is driving so Alonso-esc at the moment in maximising the results whilst the car is not quite quick enough and waiting to pounce when Mercs finally sort out their race pace. Hamilton’s title campaing soley depends on how quick mercedes can sort out the tyre issues hindering them in the race.

    3)Vettel like usual has been on it, leading the standings after 4 rounds, having the better of his team mate (apart from Malaysia!!) and looking omniously strong.

    4)Alonso for me is having a Hamilton-esc season, he is not doing too much wrong (apart from Malaysia) but things are just not working out for him, maybe his good luck has finally ran out. He is far too good to not mount a serious challenge with the car he has underneath him, and like always is a threat. But unlike his usually self, has failed to maximise his car thus far.



    After four races, I’d say:

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    – 3rd in the championship with what has been the fourth best car, I don’t think I need to say more.

    2. Sebastian Vettel
    – China was a bit disappointing but other than that he’s done an excellent job to lead the championship.

    3. Fernando Alonso
    – Made one silly mistake in Malaysia, but was very unlucky in Bahrain. Very good in Australia and perfect in China.

    4. Kimi Raikkonen
    – Perfect in Australia, mediocre in Malaysia, and solid but nothing great in China and Bahrain.



    1. Vettel – Hard to disagree with being the first repeat winner this year. Domianant especially in Bahrain.
    2. Raikkonen – Great race, almost out of nowhere in Australia, 2nd in China despite damage.
    3. Hamilton – Solid and consistent in the Mercedes.
    4. Alonso – Superb in China, but poor mistake in Malaysia. Decent in the other 2 races.

    5. Rosberg – Points standings hide his decent pace, except for Bahrain. Unlucky in the first 3 races.
    6. Grosjean – Kept his nose clean, and with the upgrades finally showed his true pace in Bahrain.
    7. Massa – Good efforts in qualifying and much better overall than last year. Still lacking a lot of race pace, especially if he isn’t immediately ahead of behind Alonso.
    8. Di Resta – Decent result in Bahrain, finally on terms with a teammate.
    9. Webber – Drove well for three quarters of a race in Malaysia, and that’s it. Unlucky in China.
    10. Sutil – Unlucky so far, showed good pace usually.
    11. Hulkenberg – Held back by a poor car so far. Done well to get a couple of points finishes.
    12. Button – Would be higher in the championship if not for poor pitwork in Malaysia. Pace hasn’t been that inspiring in the absence of Hamilton, partly down to the car. Poor result in Bahrain.
    13. Bianchi – Looked superb so far in the Marussia, certainly the best of the backmarkers.
    14. Perez – Only turned up in Bahrain. Otherwise anonymous.
    15. Ricciardo – Great result in China, and good qualifying in Bahrain. However hasn’t been consistent, which won’t set him or Vergne in good stead wih Red Bull.
    16. Vergne – Not much to shout about, but scored in Malaysia.
    17. Bottas – Hardly outpacing Maldonado, but has kept the car on the road, and stayed out of trouble. Should improve greatly through the year.
    18. Maldonado – About the same as last year, but without the car. Still crashed out in Australia.
    19. Pic – Difficult to judge.
    20. Garde – Often slower than Pic.
    21. Chilton – Far outpaced by Bianchi.
    22. Gutierrez – Awful.



    1. Vettel – People said he’d be shown when he had to fight ‘equal cars’. He is showing those people differently.
    2. Raikkonen – You never see how he does it, but he’s always there to pick up the big points.

    3. Hamilton – Hard to judge the Mercedes’ pace, but he seems to do a very solid job.
    4. Alonso – He’s not doing a bad job, but with the Ferrari’s more obvious pace, the expectations he talked himself into are higher.

    5. Rosberg – Incredibly unlucky, but on pace he’s certainy keeping Hamilton more honest than some had thought.
    6. Hulkenberg – Doing a great job considering the car he has.
    7. Massa – He doesn’t quite have the race pace he’s had in the last race of ’12, but he has also been unlucky. Great to see him back in qualifying.
    8. Sutil – Good pace, bad luck.
    9. Di Resta – On par with Sutil, but more lucky.

    10. Webber – Has been better at creating scenes than performing on track.
    11. Grosjean – Like Webber, pretty invisible compared to his team mate.
    12. Button – Even considering that the McLaren is not on par, I had expected more of him.
    13. Bianchi – Best of the backmarkers by a margin.

    14. Perez – Had expected much much more from him. Bahrain gained him 4 spots on my list, but he can easily drop back.
    15. Ricciardo – Good peaks, but otherwise pretty anonymous.
    16. Bottas – Very impressive against Maldonado as a rookie.
    17. Vergne – Decent but anonymous.
    18. Pic – Hard to judge, but seems to put in a decent performance.
    19. Maldonado – Cleaner, but utterly unimpressive.
    20. Garde – Slower than Pic but visibly improving. Result in Bahrain skewed by update for Pic.

    21. Chilton – Very unimpressive, even for a rookie.
    22. Gutierrez – Possibly worst pay driver in a long time.



    1. Vettel: Has done about everything right so far, well deserved lead in the WDC
    2. Räikkönen: Kind a bad race in Sepang, but otherwise he has done great job
    3. Alonso: Same as Räikkönen, these two are very close to each other
    4. Hamilton: Has done good job with Mercedes, but nothing special really

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