2013 Proposed Rules

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    I gotta say i am in agreement with Luca Montezemolo regarding the propsed rule changes for 2013.F1 is after probably its greatest ever season, why do we need to tinker with the rules yet again?..I also have a great fear that the sound of the propsed 2013 could be a turn off for fans..N/A engines have a mush better sound in my opinion. While the current bread arent quite as beautiful sounding as the 94-95 v12 ferrari they still sound amazing..Just imagine how dull a low reving 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine could sound…………………and just to remind everyone :)




    You wouldnt happen to be a Ferrari fan would ya? And is this your first post?



    Quite the contrary..I think montezemolo has been a major hindrance to the sport in the recent years and ferrari have acted inexpliciably on numerous occasions..Im am just saying that in this instance i tend to agree with the Ferrari president..Probably the first time i have ever agreed on something he has said…And yes this is my first post, but i dodnt see why that should matter..Ive been an avid F1 fan for the most of 20 years, therefore i know what im talking about…Do you honestly think low reving 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engines is F1??..



    I will have to agree, that ferrari engine is a thing of beauty.



    don’t forget about the massive turbo

    and anyway, if F1 looks like it’s trying to be environmentally conscious it means less trouble from the green party and others of the like. More car manufacturers are starting to use 4 cylinder turbos because of their efficiency. We may even see more manufacturers joining f1 again.

    More power will come in time, I think, but I don’t think it will be big high revving engines. More power will come in the form of more electric technology.



    I always wonder what will happen when the fuel runs out – what kind of engines will we have then!! I presume that F1 will continue – but perhaps with a lack of oil money, the Middle Eastern Gulf GPs will come off the calander. Who knows.

    I would rather have V6 Turbos, but the power differance will be negligable at F1 level of development. Diesel F1s?



    I’m all for anything different unusual, diesel would be cool, to have a few cars sounding different to the rest.

    or to go a leap further, fully electric F1 cars.

    Imagine if you had some screaming V12s, some turbo diesels and spooky-quiet electric cars all on the same grid.

    I think it would be cool anyway.



    Any fan ‘turned off’ by a lack-lustre noise is not a fan worth having.



    I’m turned off by a big engine sound, but not every car needs to make the same sound. variety is good



    I think sound is a big part of the attraction to the sport – imagine going to a Grand Prix where the cars are silent or sound like a normal road car – you would be better off staying at home and get the better view of the action on TV.


    If I wanted to listen to a four-cylinder turbo I’d borrow my girlfriend’s Alfa Mito.

    That said, I do expect the V4s to sound quite interesting so I’m reserving judgement for the minute…



    Everybody seems to have forgotten that the Brabham BMW Turbo’s were 4 cylinder straight 4’s…




    Totally agree with Nick V…when attending a GP thers nothing more spectacular than the sound of the engines..Standing at blanchimont, with trees all around and hearing the roar of the engine rounding pouhon and coming your way..this for me is a major part of the excitment of our sport..

    Seems that Bernie also agrees… He said this today…


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