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    I’d say we need a thread with any and all predictions. Then at the end of the season we can go back and see who was spot on. From easily guessable to off the wall ones.

    My first prediction:

    Sergio Perez will not win a single race. I think he is going to be overwhelmed and out of sorts.



    Fernando Alonso will win his long, overdue 3rd World Championship. :-)



    Mercedes will produce another middling car, but Hamilton will score more points than either Schumacher or Rosberg did for the team in any single season.


    Antonio Nartea

    – Up until midseason there will be Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Lotus, mixing it up for victories and podiums with Alonso, Vettel and Raikkonen grabbing most on the wins.
    – After that it’s going to turn into the classic two-horse race between Ferrari and Red Bull and Alonso will finally win his 3rd WDC.
    – Mercedes will be the revelation this season.
    – Perez won’t be that bad compared to Button but not brilliant either.
    – None of the rookie drivers, except for Bottas, will confirm.
    – We’re gonna have a HEAP of incidents in the midfield as the season progresses. All generated by the rather large number of inexperienced drivers.
    – Sauber will see their 2012 form fade and Force India’s progress will get hindered by their drivers, while Torro Rosso and Williams will improve.
    – Caterham will start looking a bit better while Marussia will be the clear backmarkers.
    – Bernie will be forced into retirement by the end of the season.



    Kimi will be the one to beat this year? With Alonso, Vettel and JB pushing hard. One other prediction, a fine hot summers day for silverstone this year ( well we can hope ).


    Lucas Wilson

    Scorpion Racing make it to the grid just in time and at the first race beat everyone by 5 seconds. Later winning the next 8 races.

    Paul di Resta is still left without a team mate so the team principal has to drive the other car.

    Adrian Newey moves to Scorpion Racing, leaving Red Bull, causing Vettel to have a massive strop and leave Red Bull, meaning mark Webber moves up to second in the championship.

    Lewis Hamilton annoys Ross Brawn too much and they both have a fist fight in the pit lane by the 5th race of the season.

    Ferrari cant take losing anymore after Alonso moved to Scorpion and pull out of the sport, causing rioting in Italy.

    Kimi Raikonnen gives up talking all together and leaves to pursue a pass time of fishing.

    And that is gonna be 100% correct :-)



    Williams to out-score Sauber and Force India, finishing sixth in the Constructors’ Championship… which will be won by Ferrari.



    Good call about Ferrari and the Constructors’. Massa could end up being more consistent than Perez or Webber.

    I think we’ll see at least one driver get replaced this year (permanently, not due to bans or injuries). Surely someone out of Chilton, van der Garde, Razia, Gutierrez and Bianchi will run out of talent or, more likely, money.



    I think this will be Jenson’s year for a second title, though it will be closely fought between him and Vettel. I can see Alonso getting in the mix as well, but I don’t think the Ferrari will be too quick straight off the bat compared to McLaren and Red Bull, and possibly even Lotus. I can also see Raikkonen getting in there, if Lotus can develop the car (Which hasn’t been the case in previous years).

    Australia will be a good result for McLaren, with a win for the team, and a podium for the other driver.

    Jenson will finally win his home GP.

    Saubers car will challenge that of Mercedes, though only Hulkenberg will be able to get the max out of it.

    Bottas will be the most successful rookie (In comparison to the others), and not just based upon car performance, but overall as a driver, and come the middle of the year, will be widely considered as better than Maldonado.

    Force India will struggle to get on pace with Sauber and Williams.



    Just for the sake of contradiction to the OP, I predict that Perez will win 3 races this season. However, he will not be constant enough to mount a serious challenge for the WDC.

    Jenson Button will only win 2 races, one less than his teammate. However, he will be both more consistent, and have more luck, hence finishing ahead in the championship.

    Once again, Mercedes will start off with a fast car. When it seems like Merc have become the revelation of the year, the WO4 will fall behind in the development race quickly, as its previous successors.

    Lotus will design another good car, but not good enough for the championship. Both Kimi and Romain will win one race each. Grosjean will be the faster driver, Raikkonen more consistent.

    Webber and Massa will both still be #2 drivers to their teammates. Both drivers will have one period of slump for during the season, and one period when the excel. All in all, both drivers will win one race each.

    Then at last, we come down to the two championship contenders. Vettel and Alonso. This season, Vettel will win 4 races and Alonso 5, with Fernando winning the final race of the season with the championship at stake.

    Finally, Fernando wins his long, overdue third WDC.



    @maciek said “Mercedes will produce another middling car, but Hamilton will score more points than either Schumacher or Rosberg did for the team in any single season.”

    this sounds incredibly realistic! as I am a Mercedes fan I hope for better but I think you are going to be dead on.

    @kingshark said: “Just for the sake of contradiction to the OP, I predict that Perez will win 3 races this season. However, he will not be constant enough to mount a serious challenge for the WDC.”

    :) you could easily be right and I kind of hope that I’m wrong. But something in my rather ample size gut just tells me he’s not gonna win squat this year.

    @striderfc jump in here for your first post!



    Gutierrez will score a quarter of Hulkenberg’s points.
    Hulkenberg will score some podiums.
    Pic will score Caterham’s first point.
    Alonso will win the Monaco GP.
    Massa will win a race and the Brazilian GP.
    Mercedes will drop behind Sauber in the WCC.
    Williams will never take a podium.
    Vettel will win the WDC.



    @kingshark – The amount of wins you’ve elected for the drivers only adds up to 16, so who will win the others? ;)



    5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1= 18 ???

    The last race will be won by a Mercedes at China. I haven’t decided on whether it’d be Hamilton or Rosberg yet.



    Grosjean to outscore Kimi and win a few races.

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