2014 V6 engine change

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    Josh Shale

    Will we see a big change in the sport next season when the teams change to the turbo charged v6 engines as used in the 1980s



    As used in the 80s??? Wishful thinking mate, they will be the same total power as the current v8s, but the min weight goes up to I think 685kg, and there are small aero reg changes, like narrower front wings. Make no mistake, they will be significantly slower and less reliable than the current formula.


    Keith Collantine

    I think the power outputs are going to be some way short of what we saw in the eighties, even when the fuel and boost pressure was limited:

    F1′s new V6 engines for 2014 in numbers
    Banned! Turbos (1977-1988)



    My point exactly Keith, more powerful ers but same total power as the current v8s, which means without the ers the current engines would be roughly 80hp up on the new v6 engines. Plus added weight means slower all round :(



    But being Turbo’s, they’ll sound FREAKING AWESOME. I Can’t wait.


    Lucas Wilson

    I might not watch F1 next year, because I think their top speed will be about 29 mph.



    ..please tell me you’re being sarcastic, otherwise my head might explode.



    I hope that the new engines suffer from lots of turbo lag, and have an inconsistent torque curve.
    Hopefully, it means that drivers will have to commit to full throttle application much earlier in the corner and would lose a lot of time if they lift. I want to see them struggle to get the most out of the engine, and I want to see the commitment required to keep your foot all the way down as a surge of torque attempts to unsettle the car.



    My expectation is we’ll see even slower laptimes next year than we have seen for the last couple of years, already multiple seconds down from the early 2000’s. The cars will be heavier, they’ll have much less downforce (narrower front wing, no more beam wing etc.) and the engines will probably have the same power output as they have now. My guess is the cars will be much slower than anticipated and we’ll see new regulations in forthcoming years to get the cars up to speed again…


    Aish Heydrich

    Will they be as exciting as my Prius?



    @roald, exactly my thoughts.
    @davids, I think a certain percentage of the ers power will be used to keep the turbine spinning when the driver is off throttle, thereby eliminating lag completely, which does mean they will have significantly more torque on demand for corner exit. Maybe wet races will be more interesting, surely it will emphasise throttle control in the wet, but other than that I think we will see perhaps 2.5 seconds per lap slower times, at least in the first year. With that said, however, I am still in favour of the changes. In my mind its what formula one is about, the engine freeze and emphasis on aero has been so boring, ill be glad to see manufacturers working on every aspect of the car for performance gain, not just focussing on aero. I’m also stoked ferrari has Rory Byrne working on the new car, he seems to be the only designer of the newey calibre lol.



    Should be intriguing. I hope it takes some of the reliance from aero. Were these new regs brought in to try and bring other engine suppliers and/or bring teams backed by manufacturers e.g. BMW, Honda, Audi.



    Apparently Honda is likely to return to f1 with mclaren in 2015 so I hope some more manufacturers join



    I still wonder how the ERS will actually work… I know it won´t be driver activated like KERS but there would be no sense of using it all up while you drive …. you should be able to used it do defend against DRS or when someone is attacking in a non DRS zone… That is the only flaw i see in these engines!



    Let me get this straight, the FIA is limiting fuel and fuel flow rate, but not boost? And they are using turbo- not superchargers? I do not think they thought this one through too well.

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