3 things you hope to see in 2011

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    2010 was pretty spectacular, but I reckon next season could be even more exciting, with as many championship contenders as 2010. These are the three things I hope defines next season –

    1. No car dominating qualifying as Red Bull did this year. Red Bull’s race pace wasn’t overly spectacular as compared to the Ferrari’s and Mclarens, but Saturday decided most of the outcome of the weekend, and it was kind of monotonous having a RB front row lockout. Hoping to see 3-4 different teams fighting for pole position every weekend.

    2. Return of Renault and Mercedes. Kubica and Rosberg could definitely spice things up if they were fighting for wins and podiums consistently. A competitive Mercedes would show us a more accurate reflection of how Schumi compares to his teammate next season.

    3. Adjustable wings and KERS. I do not look forward to the video game format that Bernie came up with. But it would be great to see different teams use the combination of both wings and KERS to provide better overtaking opportunities.

    What else could make 2011 epic?



    As much as I do very much like RBR it almost seemed a bit like pole was theirs to lose. Would really love to see Renault and Mercedes up there for sure.

    Teams getting used to new tyres.



    As much as I want the following to happen, I’m not sure that it’s actually going to happen…so here goes:

    1) Sebastian Vettel winning his second World Championship with Red Bull.

    2) Michael Schumacher and Mercedes being serious contenders, bearing Ferrari and McLaren.

    3) Lotus beating Force India in the Constructors’ Championship.



    1) Lotus (whatever they end up being called), Virgin and HRT giving the midfield teams a run for their money.

    2) Engine covers on the cars that look less like massive billboards.

    3) Bernie Ecclestone tripping and falling over a wheel gun, taking a random “celebrity” with him, on the grid before a race.



    shorter, wider rear wings. Less straight front wings. No Shark fins.



    1) HRT being sold to some rich woman who decides to go with a pink livery.

    2) Jaime Alguersuari winning a race.

    3) Championship being decided in a close fight where 10 drivers still have the chance to clinch the title before the final race.



    1)Every team scoring points.

    2)Kubica winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

    3)A title fight between Schumacher and Alonso.


    Prof Kirk

    1. Title contenders in the final race and current standings include: 1st-Webber 2nd-Rosberg 3rd-Vettel 4th-Hamilton 5th-Kubica 6th-Schumacher 7th-Button

    2. Under dog Lotus starts to contend for points and podiums

    3. Massa ignores team orders to let Alonso pass, The downfall of Ferrari.



    1. Alonso and Hamilton fight it out on the last lap of a wet Spa-Francorchamps and the outcome being Hamilton as the winner, no stewards involved.

    2. F1 in HD!!

    3. A McLaren domination, please McLaren get the car right this time round.



    No JT19!! No Domination of any kind. We need a close season not another Red Bull esque bore fest.



    haha riise, sorry m8. Alright then, ow about a repeat of 07 and a couple of red bull and mercedes wins. McLaren having the better outcome and no spygate nonsence



    Hey that would be fine, not the McLaren winning part since I want Mercedes to win but still if at least 4 constructors got wins I would be happy.



    1.Schumacher winning his 8th Title.

    2.No more power cut during qualifying & race.

    3.At the end of the season everyone tells that this is the best F1 season ever.



    1. F1 in HD

    2. Kobayashi getting a podium

    3. Pirelli tyres being majorly unpredictable.



    F1 in HD, Schumacher winning at least one race, Kobayashi getting on the podium.

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