50 consecutive entries without a single point, guess who?

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    I have not heard anyone mentioned this yet, and this is probably one of the saddest milestone in F1. Heikki Kovalainen has not scored a point in 50 straight races since 2009 Singapore GP (counting DNS in 2010 Spanish GP as an entry). I’m not sure about the current record of most consecutive entries without a point, but the most I can find is Piercarlo Ghinzani at 85 races (’84 British GP-’89 Australian GP).



    I have an idea for a game, how about a running who am I? Or has that been done before?



    Meh, not sure if it’s that sad really. Kovalainen is a name I will probably remember a lot longer and in a much more positive way than most other drivers we’ve seen scoring points throughout the years. Plus he seems to be happy himself.


    Keith Collantine

    I have not heard anyone mentioned this yet

    It was in Stats and Facts yesterday:

    2012 British Grand Prix stats and facts: Webber and Red Bull close on Brabham win tallies

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