a Kubica-less 2012 Renault

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    Just talking of worst case scenario here. In case Kubica proves to be off the pace after his tests, or incapable of racing again, it will be a real shame. But who do you think will get that 2nd seat?

    I think the other seat is almost a Petrov shoe-in. As for the ex-Kubica seat, I think, actually, Hamilton would be a good fit. He could have a chance to build a team around himself; and he could really rally the team I think. They’re lacking a leader figure this year, I think, and also their lack of a good developer shows this year. Given he seems to be quite unhappy about McLaren at times I think it’s a good “number one” slot.

    I think Hulkenberg would be great in that slot as well; or Glock. These are 2 guys I rate quite highly and I felt very bad when Glock didn’t take up the rumored 2010 Renault option, and when Renault skipped Hulkenberg in 2011 after Kubica’s off.



    There would be no chance of seeing Hamilton in a Renault next year. I think it’s between Senna and Grojean. Grojean will almost certainly be GP2 champion this year, and he is a reserve driver at Renault alongside Senna. Basically if Senna performs poorly in these coming races, I think the seat will go to Grojean.



    Hamilton would have to be INSANE to go to Renault, they’re returning to their ’07-’09 form and lost most of their financial backing. Hulkenberg seems to be waiting for a spot to appear at FI, which is reasonably likely. I think Glock has a contract for next year with Virgin too?

    I’d say most likely they’ll give the seat to Grosjean as he’s on their books and will be GP2 champion.



    My bet would be on either Glock or Sutil. They are both pretty good drivers with a reasonable amount of experience which seems proportional to Renault’s pace. I think that Hulkenburg would not be offered a seat to be honest. He has been benched for a whole season with occasional appearances and seems to lack pace in general.



    I’m betting on Grosjean. He is French, he will win GP 2 and he deserves a decent shot at F1 (not being draft in the middle of the season like in 2009). Kubica won’t return to formula 1, I’m certain of that. Sadly, another promising career ending too soon.



    I will be very surprised of Grosjean is not in there under any circumstance (other than something happening to Grosjean himself, hopefully not), so if Kubica can’t come back it all depends on how Petrov and Senna measure against each other and indeed, I think this is the ultimate purpose of replacing Heidfeld now.



    I’m pretty sure Hamilton will not go to Renault. He comes across as the driver who will only be satisfied when he is in possession of the fastest car.

    I agree with George, if Senna doesn’t perform in this half season (assuming he is given that) then it will be Grosjean getting the seat.

    However, how about Heikki Kovalienen? I know he is dedicated to Lotus but if he wants to build a team, surely there are better prospects at Renault with the infrastructure already in place than Lotus.



    I think it’d be great if Heikki got the seat – he’s been at Renault before, he did a great job for a rookie. Something was just not right at McLaren, because both at Renault and Lotus he’s been good. He was also very good at the beginning of his first McLaren season, even beat Lewis on occasions and was also very unlucky.

    I think he deserves another shot as much as Hulkenberg, Grosjean and Glock.

    Plus he’s already at Lotus anyway :)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think the other seat is almost a Petrov shoe-in.

    What do you mean “almost”? He signed a two-year contract with them in January. There’s no “almost” about it.



    Kimi signed a 2 year contract as well at the end of 2008


    Prisoner Monkeys

    1) Renault isn’t Ferrari.

    2) They haven’t given any indication that they’re willing to drop Petrov.

    3) Petrov brings money to the team, the same team that Heidfeld was dropped from because they needed more money.

    Your argument has no weight.



    Come on now. When I first typed that opening post I wasn’t aware, or didn’t remember that Petrov was contracted for 2012 at LRGP. Hence what I meant to say in my post was, “If he hasn’t already gotten a contract with LRGP for 2012, he probably will.”

    What I meant about Hamilton was that if any person wasn’t happy with their team right now, LRGP is ripe for the taking for 1st-driver wannabes


    Ned Flanders

    Nah, I think the argument has weight myself. If you put it on a set of scales some weight would register, that’s for sure. If you think there’s a chance Petrov might get dropped, no matter how small, feel free to say that Raymondu!



    If somehow Senna blitzes Petrov and Kubica doesn’t come back, hard to see Petrov not making space for Grosjean. I don’t know if it’s the case with Petrov, but Maldonado’s sponsorship isn’t contingent on him keeping his seat, so there may be a similar deal there?



    @Ned – I appreciate the support; but I truly meant that. I really didn’t realize he had a 2012 contract and I meant if he didn’t already have it he would have soon. Having said that, contracts mean a lot less nowadays.

    Autosport is reporting that Kimi wants to return to racing; and wants in on F1 again. I would love to see him in Kubica’s old seat

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