A Money-Making Idea for Bernie

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    Well this seems as good a place as any to vent my frustrations about FOM so here goes.

    I’m looking for the official season reviews from 1998-2002 on DVD (so that I can finally get rid of an unused VHS player) – except, they don’t seem to be available on anything other than VHS! These are the only VHS cassettes I have now and it seems completely ridiculous that, in 2010 (when a lot of people are now converting to Blu-Ray in fact), FOM expects us all to still have VHS players in order to watch these season reviews.

    Surely it wouldn’t cost them too much to upgrade those seasons that are currently only available on VHS to DVD, especially when considering the likely profit they’d make from die-hard fans such as myself who would all upgrade their copies. Not to mention the money they could make from new fans who’d like to view older seasons. It seems a no-brainer to me.

    So, does anyone know of any plans to re-release these official season reviews onto DVD any time soon or will we have to keep a VHS player in the attic until 2060 in order to enjoy them?



    This has been mentioned here many times.

    Technology for the fans has been way behind for years.

    Don’t expect it to come soon.

    You could convert your VHS to DVD with a dongle or look for a good download online..

    They could make a quick buck even with payed downloadable content, but they just don’t bother


    Dan Thorn

    I know that the 2000 and 2001 DVD’s are available with certain Playstation2 copies of F12001 and F12002. They can be picked up pretty cheap (I got 2002 with 2001 review the other day for 48p!)



    I would quite like some of the really old ones on DVD the ’82 review is awesome and would really like to get it on DVD but I can only find it on VHS



    Dan Thorn is completely correct. Thats the sole reason I bought those games!



    Those reviews that came with the games where very good imo.

    you could select multiple angles (go onboard with a crash for example)

    A must have!



    They should bring out a box set of every years reviews. It would be quite a cost but well worth it.

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