A neat little bernie story I liked

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    Found this in a story about indycar’s upcoming new car strategy

    “I think they’ve made a tremendous blunder by saying they’ve cut the costs by 45 percent,” Partel commented. “Any sponsor is going to say that if the costs are that much cheaper then they’re going to cut their sponsorship budget by an equal amount. That’s something Bernie Ecclestone would never have done. He understands that you’ve got to push the value up, not decrease it.”

    Indeed at Long Beach back in 1980 Mo Nunn convinced the local Budweiser distributor to sponsor his Ensign team for the weekend for $50,000. Ecclestone got wind of the deal and took Nunn aside to give him a short but stern lecture.

    “You bloody fool Mo,” Ecclestone growled. “You’ve undersold yourself and undersold the rest of us too. Don’t ever do this again. If you need some leverage to jack up the price call me and I’ll help you out. But don’t ever sell yourself cheap like this. You’re hurting all of us.”

    Say want you want about what he’s done for the sport, but he’s a hell of a business man and a huge reason F1 is the worlds most popular motorsport

    rest of the article if you’re interested… http://gordonkirby.com/categories/columns/theway/2010/the_way_it_is_no245.html


    Ned Flanders

    That man is capitalism personified



    That man is capitalism personified

    …and isn’t even remotely ashamed of it. You’ve got to at least respect his honesty in that regard.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think Bernie takes a lot of flak for his business practices and not nearly enough credit for what he does for the sport. Under his leadership, the sport has expanded out beyond Europe and gets great coverage worldwide. I can’t think of anyone who would be a suitable replacement for him.



    I agree with every PM says. He may be capitalism personified but I think he was a 100% right with what he says in that story.



    Bernie is a very very smart and sharp person.

    But he does everything for the good of the sport (and his wallet)

    I do believe he is a better man then most think. He does many things behind the scenes to help where he can.

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