A proposal to make racing better next season – no KERS on first lap

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    I know it is a bit early since this season is still going on but I had a thought about return of the KERS next year.

    What I was thinking was that KERS shouldn’t be used on lap 1. With standardized ECU it shouldn’t be too hard to monitor it and I think it would improve racing. Lets face it – starts are one of the most interesting parts of the race as it is and use of KERS won’t bring anything to it, especially if everybody would have it. However, if you could use it only after lap 1 we could get another interesting part of the race while cars haven’t spread out too much.



    I disagree. The starts last year were far more exciting when some of the grid had kers. Alonso at Malaysia light fuelled it for quali but tried to hang on in the race with kers but quickly slipped back. Ham, Mas and Rai were always fun to watch at the start.

    Also, I don’t believe in this whole using certain parts at certain times like the adjustable rear wings. It’s just a gimmick to me but certainly an interesting idea even if I don’t agree :)



    I don’t see how disallowing KERS on the first lap will make the overall race any more exciting, merely an unnecessary complication in the rules.

    Nor do I see the starts themselves being any more exciting next year, assuming all of the cars are equipped with KERS. Perhaps poor starts will be exacerbated, but that’s about it.



    I like it.

    With no refueling this year the opening laps have been all important, and pretty exciting.

    Last year what made KERS starts interesting was that only a few people had it, next year most will have it so the advantage will be negated (minus the relative differences of each teams KERS system).

    It’s no more artificial than the top 10 must start on their quali tyres rule…



    …which is why we should have neither.

    Actually the Top 10 rule would do what it’s supposed to if we didn’t have the mandatory pit-stop. It even makes sense – given a choice of tyres to start with, the front-runners would all go for the hard, cruise around for 40 laps, and then pit for softs at the end. Thinking about it though, that would be better, because the latter stage of the race is usually boring anyway, might as well have the pit-stops then – the problem is that field would probably be too far spread out for anyone to pit early and charge around for 2 laps and leapfrog their opponent.

    Sorry, this was about KERS! Which as a push-to-pass I detest.



    They should allow KERS on the first lap it will allow some of the people from the back of the grid to shoot in to turn 1.

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