A qualifying race in F1 (like GT WDC) ?

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    Today I watched the GT1 qualifying race. It was not the best race, but some very nice moves.

    What do you think, could F1 have something like this as well? Either as a 45 minute race or keep it in the 3 stages like we have now, with the lowest placed cars dropping out in Q1 and Q2 and leave the top ten race with points for the fastest 3-5 cars.

    The advantage would be we can have more cars on track and see some genuine action in qualifying to make it better viewing.

    The (big) disadvantage is, that we lose the great prospect of really seeing some super quick qualifying laps, although with this year it seems the limited tyres already took a bit of that away already.


    Nice idea, but if I’m honest I strongly feel that the current ‘Formula’ is pretty much perfect at the moment. I don’t like the idea of changing anything about the weekend format as it is right now. 3 Practice sessions are adequate enough, the Qualifying system’s been brilliant ever since it was introduced and the 300km + 1 lap Grand Prix distance is pretty much perfect in terms of distance and race length and so I wouldn’t want anything to change if it was up to me.

    I do, however, love the GT1 series and feel the qualifying race format works great for that championship. I like it when international motorsport series have their own features and formats – it helps keep things different and more interesting in my view. That’s why I think this qualifying race concept should remain GT1’s thing – it helps to give it a uniqueness that’d be lost if other series started adopting it.



    I agree that the current format is pretty good (only have Pirelli bring some extra tyres for qualifying and drop the Q3 tyre rule as improvements) and I always love to see the super quick qualifying laps as it brings out a slightly different quality in the drivers than races.

    Interesting idea to keep that format a special to the GT1 series, it sure makes them have a good draw to build a fan base.



    Yeah, I would prefer to see qualifying stay as it is because it is something different to the race. Also it allows some drivers who are perhaps not as good in the race to shine. I’m thinking of Jarno Trulli in particular, especially in the past.



    Hm, seems the Idea is not embraced by all F1Fanatics so far. Maybe give Bernie a call to talk about introducing it then.



    Magnificent Geoffrey I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    What could be quite interesting however is to keep the practice and qualifying sessions as they are, only introduce a point system for qualifying as well as the races.

    I would have points awarded to the top ten qualifiers, something like:

    1st – 5 pts

    2nd – 4.5 pts

    3rd – 4 pts

    4th – 3.5 pts

    5th – 3 pts

    6th – 2.5 pts

    7th – 2 pts

    8th – 1.5 pts

    9th – 1 pt

    10th – 0.5 pt

    This would add to the excitement of qualifying and would certainly prevent some situations we have now whereby the fastest guys only do 1 lap and then sit out the rest of the session and whereby some drivers sit out the session altogether to preserve tires.This could add a whole new dimension to the weekends as preserving tires could cost you grid positions as well as points so in effect strategy becomes more important as does the entire qualifying session.The points would be kept low so that the race remains the most important part of the weekend.

    Qualifying certainly became far more exciting since the 3 sessions were introduced. Before I didn’t really care too much if I missed Saturday’s action, now it’s a must see. Awarding points for qualifying would make Saturday an event in itself.

    Anyone have Bernies number, I think I’m onto something here ;)

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