A return of the Mexican Grand Prix

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s been a long-held belief of mine that in order to be a true World Championship, Formula 1 needs to visit each and every continent, and the additions of India and Russia have finally tapped the sport into two major regions that have, until now, remained unaccounted for.

    One region that I constantly overlooked was Latin America, but the emergence of Sergio Perez (and to a lesser extent, Esteban Gutierrez) has made me reconsider. There was, once upon a time, a Mexican Grand Prix, though I was never a fan of the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit. And given the reception to Perez, both during his demonstration run in his home town and after his performance in Melbourne, it’s clear that he’s not only very popular, but that Mexicans love their motorsport. This year’s Rally Mexico had a massive turnout, and there has been talk of a resurgence of the race in recent times, most notoriously the infamous “manta-ray” circuit.

    It’s a common criticism of the sport that Formula 1 is expanding into new markets with no fanbase. But Mexico has fans, and the world’s richest man, who is clearly invested in the sport. Until such time as Formula 1 can return to Mexico, Austin will have to do as a defacto home race for Perez and the Mexican fans. But should the sport return at all? It’s too soon to judge Perez, but if he makes good on his potential, there is going to be massive demand. The problem is that a Mexican Grand Prix might come at the expense of a European event, particularly a popular one like Spa (though if Valencia were facing the headsman’s axe, I doubt many would rush to its aid). Then again, Hermann Tilke has promised more circuits like Austin and less like Shanghai in future, while Bernie Ecclestone is trying to get the rules loosened up and get Tilke involved in the design process sooner (as a consultant as to the land that should be set aside). Assuming Perez is every bit as good as Melbourne implied, then I don’t think a race should be held in Mexico unless the circuit is anything less than a modern classic. The sheer number of fans deserve it.

    Personally, I’d suggest Guanajuato as a venue for a new Mexican Grand Prix. The main thoroughfares of the city are built on dried-out riverbeds that are lower than the rest of the city, and they’re actually fairly wide. I think they could make a real Mexican Monaco offering fans plenty of viewing opportunities. Like these:






    fans would love a north american triple feature, and i think it would be good for f1. the massive streets of mexico city would be a great place for a race.



    Please no more street circuits. I know they’re a different challenge but they’re almost always boring. I can tolerate Monaco but that’s it.


    Ned Flanders

    First of all, I think we shouldn’t get carried away about Perez. This time a fortnight ago, most of us would’ve agreed that he was a relatively talented pay driver with a somewhat mixed record in the junior categories. Now, after one admittedly pretty impressive race, the consensus seems to be that he is a future champion who’ll be driving for Ferrari in 2012. I think that’s seriously premature!

    But, whether Perez (or Gutierrez) proves to be a star or not, I agree that the Mexican GP would be a very worthy readdition to the calendar. According to Wikipedia, it’s the country with the highest GDP without a race contract (after France): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal) And it has not only a great F1 history, but also fans who appear pretty passionate about motorsport.

    So, a Mexican GP would make sense. But, I’ve barely heard a mention of a potential Mexican GP since it was announced on the 2006 calendar. And besides, the calendar is looking pretty cool as it is

    *Incidentally, here are the GDP positions of the other countries on the F1 calendar below Mexico

    o South Korea – 15th

    o Turkey – 17th

    o Belgium – 20th

    o UAE – 35th

    o Malaysia – 38th

    o Singapore – 39th

    o Hungary – 53rd

    o Bahrain – 96th


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve barely heard a mention of a potential Mexican GP since it was announced on the 2006 calendar.

    There hasn’t really been a reason to mention it. But if Perez is a hit, then watch the blogosphere light up like a runway. After all, there was never really talk of a revived Austrian Grand Prix or a race established in Thailand until Red Bull started winning races …



    *Incidentally, here are the GDP positions of the other countries on the F1 calendar below Mexico

    o South Korea – 15th *cash is always accepted

    o Turkey – 17th *doesn’t bernie own this?

    o Belgium – 20th *for how much longer?

    o UAE – 35th *happy to facilitate f1 for decades

    o Malaysia – 38th *cash

    o Singapore – 39th *money plus facilitating a night race

    o Hungary – 53rd *facilitated bernie’s desire for a soviet bloc race, BE might own this too

    o Bahrain – 96th *see UAE



    The fact that someone counted Texas as a Mexican’s home race made me chuckle. There’s an off color immigration joke in there somewhere.

    Honestly, even though I’m in favor of more races over on our side of the pond, Mexico City seems a bit sketchy as a candidate if you ask me. People have long complained about the “dangers” of Sao Paulo and I’d like to know from those who have lived/spent time in Mexico City if it’d be a good area for this. All I’ve heard the past few years is that kidnappings and violent drug wars are rampant. You can’t believe everything you hear, though, so I’d like to hear from someone first hand. Not to mention, I kinda wonder what the conditions of the streets are like since we always hear drivers moaning about bumps.


    Ned Flanders

    Mexico is an interesting country. I read once that it’s so unequal that some areas are as developed as Germany, while others are as undeveloped as the poorest Middle Eastern countries. I’d always assumed that, as a general rule, the south is poor and the north rich. Although the major drug issues in the north kind of ruin that simplistic image

    As I recall the proposed 2006 circuit was going to be built in Cancun, which, as a tourist destination, is presumably one of the more developed areas of the country.



    Oh yeah, this horrible Tilkedrome… http://theracingline.net/racingcircuits/racingcircuits/Mexico/Cancun2006.html

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez might be interesting to see back in the calendar… Peraltada should be flat out with the current cars. And imagine the drivers complaining about the bumps!


    Ned Flanders

    I’m guessing that’s not a genuine Tilke designed circuit, because it said ‘speculative’. But to me that track looks amazing simply because it has two crossovers! We need more figures of 8 in F1!



    yeah if perez is still in f1 next year, then the usa gp in texas will essentially be a mexican gp


    Prisoner Monkeys

    imagine the drivers complaining about the bumps!

    Do I really have to?

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