Abu Double – First radio ad in the UAE

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    Hi all

    Ever since it was announced that double points would be awarded at the Abu Dhabi GP I had no doubt that the powers that be for the GP would try turn this silly gimmick into a bit of positive marketing spin to try shift a few more tickets. This morning I was proved right, I heard the first advertisement in respect of discounted “early bird” ticket sales and they signed it off with “The Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Double the points, doubt the excitement.”

    All I could do was shake my head.



    I have just received an email from Yas Marina Circuit notifying me that tickets are now on sale. This email uses the line “…the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be the final race of the season which means there are double points for the drivers and double the action for the fans.”



    Double the points, doubt the excitement.

    @geemac Is that a typo? ;)



    Whoops, it is. A bit of a Freudian slip I think. ;)

    I can’t seem to edit the OP, perhaps one of the mods could do it.



    I assume they’re doubling the price of the tickets?



    It’s looking less and less like a joke. It still blows my mind that the double points race was approved.



    Double the excitement? They’ll play the 2012 race on the video screens AND allow people to play F1 2014 in the stands?


    David Not Coulthard

    Double the excitement/action

    that’s like saying that 2log<sub>3</sub>9=log<sub>3</sub>2×9 – which is clearly not the case.



    Does this mean that if it turns out to be a boring race everyone can get their money back?

    Would be funny if people tried to force them to.


    John H

    Are you sure it didn’t read: “double the points, double the chance of a tainted championship?”.

    It still beggars belief that people with such low intelligence can make so much money and have so much power in this world.



    Normally I’d never say it, but… nothing would make me happier than the championship leader being exactly 51 points clear before the final round.

    And the constructors’ champions exactly 87 points ahead.


    Caroline Miles

    Whilst I disagree with the double points and hope it is settled the race before, we have just booked our tickets. They have not increased the ticket prices in fact for a 3 day ticket, which gives you the pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon and 3 concerts in the evening with world class artists (we have seen some brilliant acts who we would possibly not have booked to see at home but as included did and were really impressed) it is brilliant value for money. Significantly cheaper than the British for 2 of us although I believe this year we do get a pit lane walk on Thursday because of it being 50 years and having a 3 day ticket and the price for 1 person for 3 days is less than race day in Monaco which puts it into context although obviously very different circuits and which I would never try to compare just showing the difference in prices. May not be to everyone’s taste but we love it. Amazing circuit with very appreciative fans – the year Lewis won was like being at the British GP with the reaction of the fans.



    @claroline12 Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be going this year too. It is a great event and when you do add it all up it is good value, particularly if you live in the UAE. I was just commenting on the fact that double points is being used as a means to entice people into buying tickets, rather than the additional off track stuff (like the concerts) as has been the norm for the last few years.

    Completely agree about the year Lewis won, I was one of those happy fans too. :) Though the cheer when he retired in 2012 was louder I think…shows how fickle the attendees of the GP (I’m not calling them fans because most of them aren’t there for the F1).

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