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    Just recently I discovered a twitter account @neweyfacts that tweets some hillarious things.

    Adrian Newey has so much downforce he can walk on the ceiling.

    Adrian Newey designed the iPhone 4 while trying to make a calculator in 1980.

    Adrian Newey only owns two pairs of shoes. He calls them his Primes and Options.

    Planes can’t take off with Newey on board. He’s got too much downforce.

    Adrian Newey discovered a cure for cancer… but it was worth less than a tenth of a second per lap.

    Any other fun facts?



    Those are horribly good…

    Newey has so much downforce that once when he did a somersault, a gust of air caught him when upside-down and he flew across the Atlantic.

    Newey doesn’t have a doorbell; he doesn’t like using magic buttons. (This one was so much worse when I first thought of it!)



    Newey once broke his neck. He can now turn his head a full 360deg as he had his spine replaced by a pull-rod suspension system!



    Adrian Newey has not had a single drink since the refuelling ban.

    Adrian Newey can walk on water.He once made an entire F1 car from five loaves and two fishes.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    When I caught a mouse using nothing more than my wits, a curtain and a roasting pan, I called it a MacGyver.

    When MacGyver catches a mouse using nothing more than his wits, a toothpick and a gum wrapper, he calls it a Newey.


    Dan Thorn

    If Adrian Newey wore a skirt, he would produce ground effect.



    when Newey walks, he keeps his mouth open to walk faster = F-Duct!!


    Ned Flanders

    Newey’s bones are made of carbon fibre

    Newey has specially designed shoes to keep him closer to the ground when he’s in a hurry

    Whenever Newey spills a drink, the liquid ignites when it comes into contact with his skin

    If Newey stands still for more than a few seconds, he begins to overheat

    Red Bull Racing’s supercomputer is a genetically engineered replica of Newey’s brain

    Newey has had plastic surgery on his nose 15 times to optimise it’s aerodynamic efficiency



    Adrian Newey occasionally gets the right mixture of shirt, tie, trousers, and shoes to make him the fastest dancer at the Grand Prix ball, but then a button comes off and he’s forced to retire for the night.



    Adrian Newey is completely stripped down to his component parts and rebuilt between each race weekend. He usually turns up to every race with a specially customised nose.

    Adrian Newey has so much natural grip it is impossible for him to go ice-skating.



    Adrian Newey’s active ride height system allows him to get closer to the ground the less drink or food he has consumed.

    Sorry it had to be done. I don’t really believe that old RBR theory :P



    Neither egg nor chicken was first, Adrian Newey was

    Adrian Newey doesn’t bend down, he adjusts his ride height

    are my two favourites


    Keith Collantine

    Adrian Newey doesn’t bend down, he adjusts his ride height

    That’s great!



    If you’re on twitter you should check out the tedkravitzfacts:




    Haha these are great:

    Ted Kravitz has the ability to interview anyone within a 14 mile radius

    Ted Kravitz’s middle name is ‘V12’

    Ted Kravitz originally set the fastest lap of 2:51:00 around the Nordeschleife but it was disallowed as he ran on foot

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