again- 1 detection, 2 activation points!!!???

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    if you thought DRS was unfair in the first place, read this!


    if a driver overtakes using drs down the long back straight, he can use it to pull away down the second straight! this is ridiculous. surely they could’ve slotted in another detection point just before the 2nd straight…



    That was how Jenson pulled out that phenomenal sub-1:19 lap when he overtook Schumacher as he had the tow, KERS and DRS for the first straight and then DRS for the second. It was phenomenal!



    If you hate DRS, a 2nd detection zone would be the worst idea ever. A guy who was passed would then be able to have a go at re-passing despite being slower, how’s that for artificial racing? Even if you could position them exactly halfway around the track from each other, it would be hard to pull out a 1s lead in half a racing lap.

    Of course, it was say 1/3 of the way round the track and a driver overtook on the second DRS, then it would probably be enough distance.

    What we need is intelligent placing of the zones. In Valencia I think we may have that.



    The FIA have admitted that they can’t install a second detection zone due to technical restraints/not knowing how to do it.



    I think its more a “lack of arsed-ness” than “lack of technological know-how”… I mean what sport exactly is it that we’re watching? It is the pinnacle of motorsport, surely SOMEONE somewhere on the grid could do a double-DRS detection point…!



    I really don’t think it’s down to them not being bothered to put a second detection zone in space, just doesn’t seem plausible at all.

    We’ve only had Montreal to judge two DRS zones on. Don’t be so quick to shoot it down, give it another chance.

    The formula is forever changing.



    Yes I shouldn’t be, you’re right. I just feel that if Driver A is close to B for DRS to open and doesn’t overtake a second detection point and he’s still close enough for an overtake (1 sec) then there is no loss/gain. All that it would do in my eyes is make the idea of a second deployment zone more logical.



    What Icthyes said.


    As much as I like DRS, I think that if you make the move stick before the 2nd Activation point, you shouldn’t be allowed to use it again. It’s like scoring a touchdown and then receiving the ball again from the kick-off.



    It won’t be for long.

    1 detection per activation will become the norm I’m sure. However many that would be.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    this is ridiculous. surely they could’ve slotted in another detection point just before the 2nd straight…

    The second DRS zone was never added to give a passed driver a chance to reclaim his position. It was put in so that a driver who successfully pulls off a pass can open up a gap and try and get closer to the next car down the road, or so that he can have second attempt at passing if the first failed.



    the ‘chance to pull away’ is pretty artificial to me. i agree with what mag geoff said.

    let’s just have 1 drs zone please.



    I’m still undecided on DRS as a whole, let alone 2 activation zones on the same track. But I do think it’s ridiculous that if we’re going to have these 2 activation zones, there aren’t 2 detection points also.

    To borrow a phrase from Jeremy Clarkson, “how hard can it be”? I do a fair bit of programming, and admittedly I have no idea how the DRS system works, but I refuse to believe that it’s as difficult as the FIA are making out.



    ‘It’s like scoring a touchdown and then receiving the ball again from the kick-off.’

    I’m sorry I don’t understand this reference. Is this some kind of localised game they play near you MagG? ;P



    the idea of DRS is flawed from the start. For the principle it uses of not allowing the front rider to defend, effectively putting him on disadvantage -> against the principles of racing (they race on equal terms, no advantages for being british or french, white or black, for driving a ferrari or a mclaren or for being first or second)

    It won’t be around for much longer, I can assure you

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